Thursday, January 12, 2006

Sacre bleu!

I knew that one day, knowing a few extra languages might come in handy. It helped me find mondfoot, a French-language ranking of 205 international men's soccer teams. Once again, I am slightly reluctant to include it in my combined ranking, although I don't have the built-in excuse I had with AQB.

My main reason is the existence of several bizarre statistical outliers (in comparison to the examined four, and to the AQB find as well). Some strange rankings (aggregate rank in parentheses):
  • Egypt at 5 (39)
  • Morocco at 15 (45)
  • Bangladesh at 54 (172)
  • Serbia & Montenegro at 75 (26)
  • St. Kitts & Nevis at 79 (144)
  • Austria at 128 (54)
There are many more examples. Canada at 110th seems rather low (66 on average), as does Scotland at 132 (46). The obvious reason is that the ranking formula (warning: French) doesn't really seem to take into account either strength of opponent or margin of victory in its calculations.

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