Wednesday, March 15, 2006

More of same

The latest FIFA rankings (15 March 2006) are out, and the big picture hasn't changed much. Germany have dropped out of the top 20, the US has nudged upwards, and other countries shifted around. The most upwardly mobile teams were Palestine and Qatar which jumped 17 and 13 spots respectively. Canada, after a solid 2-0 win in Vienna over more highly ranked Austria, somehow stayed at 85 while Austria dropped 5 spots.

I haven't checked out too much of the blogosphere scuttlebutt yet, but this guy shows what the World Cup would look like if it played out according to rank. Not terribly surprising (Brazil, ranked #1, must of course win under these rules), but it is interesting to see that none of the top 4 ranked teams (Brazil, Czech Republic, Netherlands and Argentina) would meet until the semi-final round.

The lack of recent posts is due to a failed hard drive on the laptop (still in shop, $300!), and because there hasn't been much to talk about lately. If the Elephant Rankings people ever get around to calculating a new ranking, I'll put together a new meta-ranking for all to enjoy.