Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Victory in Iraq

I noticed a few confused and perhaps frightened looks the other day as a small procession of horn-honking, flag-waving Iraqi-Canadians made their way down a major street in my neighbourhood. But being the informed guy that I am, I knew they were merely celebrating Iraq's Asian Cup victory, and these celebrations weren't likely to get out of hand as they did back home.

This should no doubt lead to a boost to their FIFA ranking. But the way that those rankings work, almost every team who participated in the tournament will receive a nice bump upwards. This is nicely illustrated in a post I made last year about the rankings fallout from the African Nations Cup. Granted, this was under the old system, but the new version is even more forgiving of a loss, which really isn't punished any more than not playing at all.

Here's a quick ranking of teams from the Asian Cup, by number of 'points' awarded (3 for a win, 1 for a draw, including matches that went to a penalty shootout):
Rk Country Pts
1 Iraq 13
2 Saudi Arabia 13
3 Iran 8
4 Japan 8
5 Korea Republic 8
6 Uzbekistan 6
7 Australia 5
8 Thailand 5
9 China 4
10 Vietnam 4
11 Bahrain 3
12 Indonesia 3
13 UAE 3
14 Oman 2
15 Qatar 2
16 Malaysia 0

Now since some of the matches were played prior to the release of the July rankings, this will need to be analyzed over a two ranking window (comparing Jun 07 rankings to Aug 07), but I suspect that only Malaysia, Qatar and Oman will see any kind of drop in their FIFA rankings points over that time. I'll be sure to check up on this come mid-August.

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