Saturday, September 08, 2007

Canada's soccer blogs

I'm hoping to offer my readers a comprehensive list of Canada's soccer blogs, in order to direct them elsewhere in case they find themselves in disagreement with what they read here. I've started by looking for blogs from some of Canada's (sports) media outlets, and have found the 3 below. Any others that you are aware of, and personal blogs (especially those with a Canadian soccer, rather than Toronto FC, focus), leave a comment with the address.

Media blogs
Gerry Dobson (
Gerry is the play-by-play man for Sportsnet's underwhelming coverage of Canada's MNTs. He is in position to offer an insider's perspective, but not wanting to shake the boat, he steers a pretty steady course. A recent post about the CSA, though, ranges into controversy:
Here's what I've come to believe. In my humble opinion there are not enough soccer professionals in position to affect meaningful change in policy at the CSA. This belief continues to get reinforced by those who have been on the scene much longer than I. Many of you reading this will know it already.
Not exactly earth-shattering, but there's an ounce or two of real feeling and personality there.

The Footy Blog (
You know what you're getting with James Sharman and Co. England and more England, with some TFC stories and occasional CSA/MNT nugget. They do host a podcast, which has been interesting to follow through 2 episodes.

Planet Soccer (John Molinaro,
Molinaro maintains a fairly sympathetic set of opinions (anti-Andy Welsh sentiment, for example) with this irregularly maintained blog. He also allows his attentions to drift from European soccer to the Canadian scene and MLS. His columns index pretty good as well, if you prefer long-form writing.

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