Monday, September 03, 2007

The results are in!

I've been running a poll on the sidebar to the right that I introduced when I posted on Canada's goalkeeping depth.

Well, the results are in (perhaps a poor choice of words as the polling software keeps a running tally and the results are always available). And after a few weeks on this site, a whopping 7 votes were cast, which is a surprise since I didn't know that many people read my blog.

Here's how it breaks down:
Lars Hirschfeld - 5 votes
Kenny Stamatopoulos - 2 votes

While I wasn't surprised to see Lars in the lead, I wasn't expecting Stamatopoulos to receive much support. Perhaps it's the TFC factor kicking in.

Anyway, I'll leave the poll up there until I have a better question to ask.

Now, for any of you budding writers out there that would like to expand your readership from whatever it is now to 6 more people, and you'd like to give me your take on the CSA/Linford/board fiasco, leave me a comment and I'll post your thoughts here. I'm not well informed on the situation and I'd love to learn more.

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