Monday, November 12, 2007

Canada - South Africa Roster Info

The roster for Canada's friendly next week with South Africa has been announced. Here's how it shakes down:
Player Pos. Team League
Lars Hirschfeld GK Rosenborg Norway
Mike Klukowski D Club Brugge Belgium
Andre Hainault D FK SIAD Most Czech Rep.
Kevin McKenna D FC Koln Germany
Julian De Guzman M Deportivo La Coruna Spain
Paul Stalteri M Tottenham Hotspur England
Marcel de Jong D/M Roda JC Netherlands
Tomasz Radzinski M/F Skoda Xanthi Greece
Olivier Occean F Lillestrom Norway
Richard Hastings D/M Inverness CT Scotland
Issey Nakajima-Farran M/F FC Nordsjaelland Denmark
Atiba Hutchinson M FC Copenhagen Denmark
Josh Simpson D/M FC Kaiserslautern Germany
Will Johnson M/F De Graafschap Netherlands
Iain Hume F Leicester England
Patrice Bernier M FC Kaiserslautern Germany
Kenny Stamatopoulos GK Toronto FC MLS
We knew that De Rosario wouldn't be available if his Houston Dynamo side advanced to the MLS Cup finals (they did) and that Friend wouldn't be available due to club demands in Germany. Also kept back by his Teutonic employer was Daniel Imhof, who scored last week for Bochum. Otherwise, this is as near to a full lineup as can be expected, considering the MLS players are out of season.

By country, the roster breaks down as follows:
Germany - 3 , England - 2, Denmark - 2, Netherlands - 2, Norway - 2, Belgium - 1, Czech Republic - 1, Greece - 1, MLS - 1, Scotland - 1, Spain - 1.

This is a smaller lineup than the squad that faced Costa Rica in September but, on average, a slightly less experienced one. That group averaged 22.15 caps, while this one checks in at an average of 22.12:
Player Caps
Paul Stalteri 61
Richard Hastings 43
Kevin McKenna 36
Tomasz Radzinski 35
Atiba Hutchinson 30
Julian De Guzman 25
Patrice Bernier 25
Iain Hume 21
Lars Hirschfeld 20
Josh Simpson 16
Olivier Occean 14
Mike Klukowski 9
Andre Hainault 9
Issey Nakajima-Farran 7
Kenny Stamatopoulos 5
Will Johnson 3
Marcel de Jong 0
Average 21.12
The inclusion of two youngsters from the Dutch league, Will Johnson and Marcel de Jong, skews things a bit. Both have plenty of experience with the U-20 sides, but Johnson has seen limited time with the full MNT and Marcel only recently declared that his international future was with Canada, and not Holland.

Once again, there aren't a lot of goals in this group either, especially with De Rosario, Canada's active goal scoring leader, missing:
Player Goals
Kevin McKenna 9
Tomasz Radzinski 9
Paul Stalteri 7
Atiba Hutchinson 3
Iain Hume 2
Julian De Guzman 2
Olivier Occean 2
Richard Hastings 1
Andre Hainault 0
Issey Nakajima-Farran 0
Josh Simpson 0
Kenny Stamatopoulos 0
Lars Hirschfeld 0
Marcel de Jong 0
Mike Klukowski 0
Patrice Bernier 0
Will Johnson 0
Total 35

I'm looking forward to the match. I'm hopeful of a result, and interested in what players like Johnson and de Jong can do, likely in limited time. I'm also interested to see what Josh Simpson looks like these days, as he's been battling injuries for a long time.

Keep checking back for more information as the game day approaches.

If you came here looking for South Africa's roster for the Canada friendly, you're not far off.


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You might want to check out Klukowski's goal scoring record there... By the way, love this blog, found out about it a few weeks ago, its great keep up the good work.

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Thanks for the heads up on the Klukowski slip-up, I'm not sure how that happened.

Thanks for reading, keep checking in. It's not a terribly busy time for Canadian soccer after the South Africa friendly, but I'll try to keep it interesting.

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