Tuesday, November 27, 2007

St. V&G, 1st instalment

Winter has descended upon our part of the world, so thoughts turn dreamily to warmer climes. So we look ahead, into the future, all the way to the year 2000 . . .

Or 2010. And for Canada, the journey to South Africa begins in St. Vincent and/or the Grenadines. FIFA held the preliminary draw for World Cup qualifying pairings and groups in all regions, and Canada has a date to dance with the Caribbean nation.

Looks nice, doesn't it. Let's hope Canadian players don't get too comfortable, as St. V&G is only the first and likely easiest step towards qualification. We'll post later about Canada's potentially daunting semi-final group, but we have plenty of time (over half a year, to be sure), so don't be too eager.

What do we here at Out of Touch know about this aspiring archipelago? Not too much. For country facts, wikipedia is a good start. Key data include:
  • population: 119,000
  • capital: Kingstown
  • FIFA rank: 77
As for their recent footballing history, their most recent 10 matches include 4 wins (against Guyana, Bahamas, Bermuda and Grenada none of them heavyweights), 3 draws and 3 losses.

Should Canada take the Vicentians (yes, this is the correct demonym) lightly? Certainly not. But the Canadians should dispatch this bunch fairly easily, and advance to a semi-final group which, in all likelihood, will include Jamaica, Honduras and Mexico. It should come down to a battle between Canada and Honduras for the 2nd qualifying spot (to advance to the Hex) but, like I said, more about that another time.

Country Rank
Mexico 15
Honduras 54
Canada 55
Jamaica 98

Winter brings with it a bit of a lull in the football calendar, especially in North America, but some Canadians have been busy with their club teams.
  • This is over a week old already, but Dwayne de Rosario won his 4th MLS Cup, and second MLS Cup Final MVP award, with the Houston Dynamo knocking off perennial losers New England. Pat Onstad earned the win for Houston. You can watch the final by downloading the torrent.
  • TSN is showing surprising Rosenborg against Chelsea live tomorrow as part of their Champions League coverage (2:30pm et/11:30am et). Lars Hirschfeld has been stopping shots for the Norwegian side.
Until next time.

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