Saturday, December 01, 2007

Old news?

Our faithful readers (perhaps using the plural here is a bit too hopeful) will notice that the poll question in the sidebar has changed. Readers decisively chose Lars Hirschfeld as Canada's #1, and are now being asked to speculate instead of select. So far people seem to think (or hope) that De Guzman the Younger, Jonathan, will opt for Canada, and not the Netherlands.

It seems they know more than he does:
De Guzman wil Nederlander worden
door onze Telesportredactie
AMSTERDAM - Jonathan de Guzman weet nog niet of hij ooit voor het Nederlands of voor het Canadees voetbalelftal uit wil komen. De Feyenoorder heeft wel alvast een Nederlands paspoort aangevraagd. Zelf ziet hij alleen maar voordelen van een dubbele nationaliteit. Zo kan de talentvolle middenvelder, doordat hij EU-burger wordt, eenvoudig overstappen naar buitenlandse competities.

De Guzman verblijft inmiddels al langer dan vijf jaar in Nederland en kan zodoende zonder al te veel problemen in het bezit van het Nederlands paspoort komen. De keuze voor Oranje of Canada zal hij in september 2008 maken.
Translation (mine, if you don't like it, try the fish)
AMSTERDAM - Jonathan de Guzman still doesn't know if he will ever play for the Netherlands or for Canada. The Feyenoord player has indeed applied for a Dutch passport. But he sees only the advantages of dual citizenship. This way the talented midfielder, as an EU citizen, can more easily transfer to another league.

De Guzman has lived in more than five years in the Netherlands and can therefore obtain a Dutch passport with little difficulty. He will choose for the Oranje or Canada in September 2008.
Now most of this is old news for anyone who follows the Canadian scene and reads the Voyageurs boards. This only makes sense, as the article was published on November 13th. But what was news to us was the last line: that Jonathan has set a timetable for his choice, and it is September of 2008.

That is an important date. It marks the beginning of World Cup qualifiying in Europe, it comes after the Euro 2008 tournament has been played out, and it also falls near the beginning of Canada's qualification campaign for 2010 (though the St. Vincent matches will already have been played out).

Is this something we should be happy about? Probably not. But the fact that he would set a date a year after obtaining his Dutch passport is a pretty strong indication that that move was career-related, as he says, and not a step towards suiting up with the Oranje.

Wouldn't that look great in red and white?

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