Monday, January 07, 2008

Canada - Estonia friendly

While we are still awaiting word about player callups and friendly matches related to this month's national team camp, we can tell you about an upcoming match for the MNT.

On March 26th, 2008, 3 days short of five years after they last played in Tallinn, Canada will again take on Estonia in a Friendly match. Last time around, Canada were 2-1 losers, with Stalteri netting the goal. The CSA hasn't announced the match yet (surprise), but it is confirmed on the FIFA site.
Tallinn: Canada were 2-1 losers last time here

Here is Canada's lineup on that day:
Canada: 1-Pat Onstad; 2 Carl Fletcher (13-Chris Pozniak 55), 3-Richard Hastings, 4-Kevin McKenna, 5-Paul Fenwick, 6-Julian de Guzman, 7-Paul Stalteri, 8-Daniel Imhof, 9-Carlo Corazzin (15-Rob Friend 78), 10-Martin Nash, 11-Jim Brennan
Fletcher? Fenwick? Corazzin? Are you kidding me?

Without knowing all the players that will be called up, we are still quite confident that our squad at the end of March will be more impressive than the one above.

Tale of the tape

Estonia's most recent results aren't terribly impressive (see below), and they currently sit 124th in the FIFA rankings. Notable players include Roda JC's Andres Oper, who scored both goals against Canada in '03, and not many others.

andorraAndorra0:2 (0:1)EstoniaEstonia
saudi arabiaSaudi Arabia2:0 (2:0)EstoniaEstonia

This should be a winnable match for Canada, but more importantly, a chance to get top European players together in advance of the summer's world cup qualifying campaign.

2008.01.08: A musical tribute, of sorts, to Estonia, in the form of a bitchin' tune from 20th century composer Arvo Pärt, called Fratres (10m13, mp3).


Sam said...

Sounds good! I have a thing for Estonia, just because they have hilarious names. (Mart Poom!)

J said...

I'm not sure I'd say I have a 'thing' for Estonia, but from the pictures I saw, Tallinn is a good-looking city. It reminds me a lot of Prague, which I have visited.

As for the names, there are plenty more good ones in this list of famous Estonians.

Joe Soccer Fan said...

Good find! Let's hope they can put a decent squad together and get a result!