Friday, February 01, 2008

Friday quickie

Having run out of countries to play, Canada has lined up a match against a club side for this weekend, which was originally when the Nats were to play St. Lucia.

The opponents are Vejle Boldklub, of the Danish First Division. The name sounded familiar, and that's when we realized this is the former club of Issey Nakajima-Farran. The younger Nakajima-Farran, Paris, should be familiar with this team, as they play in the same league.

Anyway, the match will be played at 11:00 am EST, this Sunday in Florida, which shows how important a match it's expected to be. There's also some other sporting event on Sunday evening which we hear is pretty popular.

An interesting blurb from the CSA's slightly expanded Martinique match report (we learn that Dave Simpson appears to have had a good match):
The Canadian squad has been training together in Florida since 20 January and arrived in Fort-au-France, Martinique by boat on Monday. The Wednesday night match was played at the Stade Louis-Achille. They fly to St. Lucia on Thursday for a day of training before heading back to Florida to complete their camp.
Now, we claim no experts in matters marine or seafaring, but Florida to Martinique is a considerable jaunt by boat. See the map yourself (Martinique is near bottom right, Florida is to the north off the map). What is likelier is that the CSA kept their St. Lucia travel plans and boarded an island-hopping boat to Martinique just for the friendly.

Quickie Predickie: That felt dirty, just typing it. Knowing very little about the calibre of Danish First Division football, nor about the calibre about certain players of this Canadian team, including one who regular plays Danish First Division (2nd tier, mind you, below the Superliga), this prediction is pulled out of thin air.

Canada 1 : 1 Vejle BK

Caps don't count, rankings are affected (nor were they for the non-FIFA sanctioned Martinique friendly), so we won't much care about the result either way. Still, it's a good chance for some players to show off to a pro club, and to Dale Mitchell.

Hopefully, the information vortex around this one won't be quite as impenetrable as for the Martinique match. Vejle fan forums will surely be a good source of details.

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