Sunday, February 03, 2008

MNT Winter Wrap-up

2008.02.04: FINAL correction
An official match report from the CSA about the Martinique match is finally available. Unlike previous reports, this one indicates that Tyler Rosenlund and Paris Nakajima-Farran did not earn their first caps. Whoever put together the initial report might have confused cautions with substitutions, going by the time in the match when they occurred. Check the final report for yourselves.

Here's how the minutes were distributed between the two matches. Keep in mind that caps are only awarded for the Martinique match.
Name Starter Sub Total
Dwayne De Rosario 180
Marco Reda 180
Martin Nash 180
Adrian Cann 180
Issey Nakajima-Farran 175
Chris Williams 170
Charles Gbeke 155
Adrian Serioux 155
Kevin Harmse 133
Chris Pozniak 125
Pat Onstad 90
Dejan Jakovic
55 55
Tyler Rosenlund
47 47
Greg Sutton 45
Josh Wagenaar
45 45
Antonio Ribeiro
30 30
Dave Simpson
25 25
Paris Nakajima-Farran
10 10

Key midfielders De Rosario and Nash, as well as the central defence pairing of Cann and Reda, played every minute, with Issey playing all but the last 5 minutes of the Martinique friendly.

It also seems likely that our resident thug, and David Beckham's bodyguard, Kevin Harmse, earned a red card in the Vejle match (according to the Danish report). As per the rules of the friendly, he was sent off, but could be replaced. In this case, Rosenlund came on in his place.

Errata: We begin with a correction. It's not our fault, really. The initial match reports from the Martinique friendly included Paris Nakajima-Farran in the starting lineup for Canada, but it was in fact his brother. Gerry Dobson sets the record straight:
Let's also identify, for the record, the starting eleven. Pat Onstad was in goal. From right to left, Chris Williams, Marco Reda, Adrian Cann and Chris Pozniak at the back. Martin Nash was in as the holding midfielder with Adrian Serioux and Kevin Harmse in front of him. Issey Nakajima-Farran -- not his brother Paris -- patrolled the right wing with goal scorer Dwayne DeRosario on the left. Charles Gbeke was the lone target man up top.
In the same article, he mentions talking to players about their travel experiences (including a fishing boat ride from St. Lucia to Martinique), but doesn't manage to get the details about the substitutions. We do know that all the field players made it into the game (Sutton and Wagenaar remained on the bench.

Vejle friendly: The fog of war seems to have been lifted from the Canada - Vejle friendly, as we have a pretty good idea of who played and when. And who won. And who scored. An embarrassment of riches.

A photo from the match. Gbeke, likely. Nice residential neighbourhood, too.

Canada won 2-0. The lineup looked like this:

Canada: Sutton (Wagenaar 46), Pozniak (Jakovic 60), Reda, Cann, Williams (Paris Nakajima-Farran 80), Issey Nakajima-Farran, Nash, De Rosario, Harmse (Rosenlund 43), Serioux (Ribeiro 65), Gbeke (Simpson 75)

Goals: Gbeke 10, Issey Nakajima-Farran 40

What have we learned from this Caribbean experiment? Don't take a St. Lucian at their word. If De Rosario is in the squad, Canada will score goals. The CSA brass actually don't do too badly at throwing together last minute matches. We always knew Martin Nash was good on set pieces, but maybe had forgotten (the Gbeke goal came from a Nash corner).

Hopefully Dale Mitchell had a few more valuable insights about his team as well. Of the players at this camp, only a handful have a realistic shot of playing a big part in World Cup Qualifying. These include: Onstad, Issey Nakajima-Farran, and De Rosario. Harmse, Pozniak and Serioux might be expected to play bit parts. Others, including Rosenlund, Jakovic, Wagenaar, and Paris, will likely have a part to play with the U-23 Olympic squad, which gets busy pretty soon.

There should be little activity on the national team front until the Estonia match at the end of March. Until then, we'll have to find more mundane items to report on. And when we hear definitively about player participation in the Martinique friendly, we'll update our records.


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I'll try to "keep 'em coming". The next 6 weeks or so until the Estonia friendly aren't likely to be very interesting, but I'll maintain some level of activity in this space.

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Pictures? Why, there's plenty more where those came from (hint: they're not from any Canadian source)