Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Tuesday

The same poll has been running in our sidebar for a long time now, and despite a recent flurry of voting, it's time for a change. Since the poll will likely be changed by the time you read this, the question was "Which country will Jonathan de Guzman choose?"

The results were rather more optimistic than is actually warranted (Canada 15, Netherlands 3, for those who can't be bothered to click through). The pessimistic choice is now more possible than it was before, with De Guzman to receive his Dutch passport within weeks:

ROTTERDAM (ANP) - De Canadees Jonathan de Guzman krijgt binnen enkele weken officieel zijn Nederlandse paspoort. Dit maakte Feyenoord donderdag bekend.

De Guzman kwam als jonge tiener naar Rotterdam om bij Feyenoord te gaan voetballen. Vorig jaar besloot hij een Nederlandse paspoort aan te vragen. Omdat hij langer dan vijf jaar hier woont, kon dat zonder al te veel problemen.
Doordat De Guzman nu een Nederlands paspoort krijgt, kan hij uitkomen voor nationale selecties van de KNVB.
The Canadian Jonathan de Guzman will officially receive his Dutch passport within a few weeks. Feyenoord announced this on Thursday (January 31).

De Guzman came to Rotterdam as a young teenager to play football for Feyenoord. Last year he decided to apply for a Dutch passport. Since he has been in the country over five years, this is a possibility.
Since De Guzman now will be receiving a Dutch pasport, he can participate in national teams of the KNVB (Dutch football association).
The other important fact is that the passport makes it easier for Jonathan to play for any other large clubs in Europe, which we hope is the main motivation. Feyenoord's recent poor form has been accompanied by a poor stretch from De Guzman, so hopefully that keeps Marco van Basten from getting any ideas.

* * *

If you're still in the voting mood, the new poll is up. The subject matter is a set of matches 4 months away, so you have plenty of time to consider your answer. Or vote early and vote often.

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