Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Canucks abroad

I don't mean to drive what measly traffic this site gets elsewhere, but I would remiss if I didn't announce a great new website that will serve to increase the volume of the Canadian soccer blogosphere, such as it is. (Volume of a sphere? That's four-thirds pi r cubed son. Respect).

Canucks Abroad probably doesn't quite fit the proper definition of a blog, but it's full of everything you want to know about Canadians playing soccer, especially those Canadians who have a pro career somewhere outside of this country ... you know, Canucks abroad.

* * *

Meanwhile, not abroad, Canada plays Mexico tonight in their first of three round-robin matches in Olympic qualifying. There doesn't seem to be any reason to get hopeful about the Mexico match, but the other two (Panama Haiti - thanks to fact-checker "Anonymous" in the comments for correcting this major oversight, Guatemala) seem very winnable. Finishing 2nd in the group would set up a likely showdown with the U.S.A. for a spot in Beijing, although that half of the CONCACAF draw is a bit messy, with U.S.A. managing only a 1-1 result against Cuba last night, then half of the Cuban squad defecting (they may be forced to forfeit). Seems Fidel's little brother Raul doesn't have the same appeal, and people are jumping ship.

Stay tuned for a full report. The match isn't on TV here, but there's a chance a stream of some burrito-loving Mexican broadcast will be available. I won't have a chance to post a link before the match starts (I'm watching curling tonight!), but the Voyageurs, as always, should have it covered.


Anonymous said...

Just a little niggle - The other two winnable matches should read "Haiti (not Panama) and Guatemala". Panama are of course in the 'other' group with Cuba, USA and Honduras.

12 of the 16 teams for Beijing are already known, with only the 2 CONCACAF places and 2 from Africa up for grabs (Nigeria and Cameroon being favourites at this stage).

Qualified so far: China, Brazil, Argentina, Netherlands, Serbia, Belgium, Italy, Côte d'Ivoire, Australia, South Korea, Japan, New Zealand.

So, plenty of incentive for Canada to qualify - with Brazil, Argentina and Italy all waiting.

J said...

Thanks for the correction. I think when I wrote that I must have been mixing the OCQ and WCQ groups.