Sunday, March 16, 2008

A man after my own heart

While I wasn't happy with the result yesterday, I do like the attitude of U23 coach Nick Dasovic in this interview.

Some choice quotes. On Haiti's poor sportsmanship, leading to their first goal:
[. . .] midway through the second half, Nik Ledgerwood was took an elbow to the throat. The Canadians had possession of the ball and when the referee didn't whistle to stop the play, they kicked the ball out.

Haiti took the throw in and rather than give the ball back to Canada - in keeping with soccer's spirit of fair play - they kept possession and scored.

"They threw the ball in and we figured it would come back to us and our players were standing around and the next thing you know the guy's got a free shot from the top of the box and it's 1-1," Dasovic said.

I wasn't sure that was the case, as I missed part of the incident flipping back and forth between viewing and blogging, and I didn't feel like reading anything about the game afterwards.

And on Ornoch getting nearly sodomized in the penalty area:
"The guy almost pulled (Ornoch's) shirt off and then the guy took him down from behind, and they just let it go, and the ref was right there," Dasovic said.
File that one under "Refereeing - CONCACAF". Still, I'm heartened by Dasovic's attitude, and if my schedule permits, I will again be providing a live blog for Canada - Guatemala. The man himself explains the scenario:
"If we both win 1-nil, we're tied all the way through, and it comes down to a coin toss. And I would like to see that coin before they toss it. I would not trust the coin to not have two heads on it," Dasovic said with a half-hearted laugh.
[. . .]
"I said to the players, at the end of the day, if you want to get out of this group, you need to win a game, and we haven't done that yet," Dasovic said. "So, win the game tomorrow, and if we win it, we'll sit back and we'll be rooting for Mexico."
Now I'm not sure of the tie-breaking scenarios, and I'm surprised that Guatemala beat Mexico on Friday, but the last thing I should be doing is letting a chance to watch Canada play slip by, scarce as they are.

If you're left scratching your head about the title of this post, go to Sunday School. Or better yet, learn something.

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