Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sightings / sitings

You'll have to pardon this ridiculous attempt at headline punning, but my head is still a bit light from an intense bike ride. Deal with it.

There are rumours of sightings of the new 2008 Canada shirt in stores. I can't confirm or deny these, but I can provide you with a picture (better than Zapruder-film quality, but not by much) of the new duds.
The jersey is hanging over the table. If you're questioning your eyesight, and asking yourself whether those are, in fact, polka dots, stop right now! The dots are from the future, and are like the Breathe Right strips of armpits.

The picture was taken at a press conference finally confirming Canada's home date against St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The match will be in Montreal on Friday, June 20th.

An article out today suggests that, assuming all favourites qualify, possibly 2 of the 3 home dates in the group stage will also be held at Saputo stadium. To wit:
Le stade Saputo accueillera les matchs qualificatifs du Canada contre Saint- Vincent-et-les-Grenadines et contre le Honduras, tout en ayant de bonnes chances de se voir aussi confier l'affiche la plus alléchante contre le Mexique.

[. . .]

Le premier, contre la Jamaïque, serait disputé au BMO Field de Toronto, le 20 août. Le second, contre le Honduras, aurait lieu au stade Saputo, le 6 septembre.

Le troisième et dernier, contre le Mexique, se déroulerait au stade du Commonwealth à Edmonton, le 15 octobre. C'est le site où les critères de rentabilité prennent le dessus puisqu'on peut accueillir 59 000 spectateurs au domicile des Eskimos.

Ce dernier rendez-vous n'est cependant pas coulé dans le ciment puisque les Eskimos accueillent les Lions de la Colombie-Britannique à leur domicile albertain, le 17 octobre.

For those of you not fluent in the language of love, allow me to translate:
Stade Saputo will host the qualifying matches against St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Honduras, with a good chance of also the most attractive fixture against Mexico.

The first match [of qualifying], against Jamaica, will be contested at BMO Field in Toronto, on August 20th. The second, against Honduras, will take place at Stade Saputo on September 6th.

The third and last, against Mexico, will unfold at Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton, on October 15th. It's the most potentially profitable site, as the home of the Eskimos seats 59,000 spectators.

This last match, however, is not set in cement because the Eskimos are hosting the B.C. Lions on October 17th.
The article goes on to talk about possible conflicts regarding practice times and the quality of the pitch.

Take all that for what it's worth. Announcements this far in advance tend never to be set in stone, but if you've got money, you may have all the more reason to travel to Montreal (the only Canadian city larger than my own that I have never visited).

Keep fighting the good fight.

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