Sunday, May 25, 2008

Brazil Anticipation #1

As May becomes June, Canada's summer of soccer begins in earnest. The friendly against Brazil in Seattle kicks off a busy month of June, and barring a royal bed-shitting against St. Vincent, the rest of the summer and fall should be chock-full of important international matches.

Here's how the schedule might look:
2008.05.31: Canada vs Brazil in Seattle
2008.06.04: Canada vs Panama in Fort Lauderdale
2008.06.15: Canada vs St. Vincent / Grenadines in Kingstown, St. V&G
2008.06.20: Canada vs St. Vincent / Grenadines in Montreal
I can't find dates for the later, yet to be official, matches, but they include 6 qualifying matches, including 3 home dates, spread between July and October. (If you can point me to the exact dates, I'll be much obliged).

As my anticipation of these matches reaches a fever pitch (not some stupid Jimmy Fallon movie), I like to be reminded of what good soccer looks like. And we have relatively recent evidence of Canada playing well.

This video from last year's Gold Cup, the group stage match against Costa Rica, and Julian de Guzman's coming out party (coming out Canadian and awesome, not gay or Dutch). The game action is compressed into an hour-long clip and is well worth watching again.

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