Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Brazil Anticipation #3


* Not so live, in fact. It's playing at midnight local, and the match has been over for hours already. But as part of my Brazil-ticipation, I'll comment on the action until I wear myself out and have to go to bed.

Of the players in this match, only Greg Sutton has any real chance of playing against Brazil on Saturday, as Jim Brennan has asked to stay with TFC for the weekend.

TFC has had a busy schedule lately, and with international callups on the horizon, it will be interesting to see what kind of lineup they field for this match.

TFC: Greg Sutton, Jim Brennan, Olivier Tebily, Marco Velez, Marvell Wynne, Laurent Robert, Kevin Harmse, Carl Robinson, Rohan Ricketts, Danny Dichio, Jeff Cunningham

(Canadian content: 3 of 11)

Impact: Matt Jordan, Adam Braz, Simon Gatti, Stefano Pesoli, Pato Aguilera, David Testo, Joey Gjertsen, Leonardo Di Lorenzo, Rocco Placentino, Dwight Barnett

(Canadian content: 3 of 11)

3 minutes: The pitch is boner-rific, as always. The stands could be fuller, although Nigel Reed insists there are fans waiting outside.

4: I have to say the Impact's black uniforms and shorts look quite sharp.

5: Since I know now who won, I'm not terribly interested in watching the rest of the match. That was short-lived!

CBC: Toronto edges Montreal in Champions League opener

Reminder: Canada - Brazil on Saturday. Tell your friends!

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