Monday, May 12, 2008

Canucks - Argies U20s recap

OK, so I didn't see the match. Chances are you didn't either. The friendly at BMO Field was sparsely attended (most suggest the announced attendance of 5100 was somewhat inflated), and there was no TV coverage to speak of.

I didn't even get a chance to make a futile attempt at following the action online in some form, because I spent Mother's Day afternoon enjoying a much-needed 3 hour nap.

As for the result, I expected the worst. There hasn't been a lot of hype about this crop of U20s (the group that will try to qualify for Egypt in 2009) and some of the bigger names, such as they are, were missing. I know even less about the Argentina side that came to mark the 1 year anniversary of international action at BMO Field, but any Argentina team is likely to be a strong one.

The 1-1 draw, then, should be taken as a sign that this group of U20s has some promise. Reports are largely positive, especially about the play of TFC reserves Nana Attakora-Gyan and Gabe Gala.

A first look at the much-rumoured new jerseys.

When you also consider that this same U20 team beat a largely reserve sided TFC squad earlier in the week, it makes you scratch your head a bit that the TFC "brain trust" doesn't have room for a little bit of young Canadian talent.

* * * *

This isn't soccer related, but the next time some mouth-breathing, Don-Cherry-lovin', lout hockey fan gets on your case about diving in soccer, point out this ludicrous performance by Chris Osgood from the weekend. I enjoy hockey as much as the next guy, but there is plenty of 'simulation' in that game as well.

C'mon. I've seen better acting on Dawson's Creek. Or even Train 48.

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