Saturday, June 14, 2008

Canada - SVG: live blog


Kingstown, St. Vincent
3:00 pm local / 3:00 pm ET / 2:00 pm CT

No live TV coverage
Live radio coverage: NBC / STAR Radio / NICE Radio

I'm just throwing some details up for now. Party tonight, church tomorrow morning, and then Father's Day obligations (I'm not a father but I've got one) threaten to intrude on some of my bloggerly duties, but I'll be sure to chime in a few times during the game.

Some previews:

CSA: Canadian men on eve of big Kingstown match
CBC: Caribbean Heat
Ottawa Citizen: Canada can throw caution to wind for qualifiers

My prediction, just to be clear, is for Canada to win by 6 goals on aggregate, but only 2-0 in this leg. Friend and De Rosario will score for Canada.

2 hours to game time . . . and what's this? A potential TV stream? I'm skeptical, but it's worth checking out come kickoff time.

Kickoff approaches: The video stream above seems to be out of the question (it's playing Spanish language music videos at the moment) but the radio stations are in working order (anthems right now).

Canada's lineup: Onstad, Stalteri, Serioux, Hastings, Klukowski, Radzinski, De Guzman, Hutchinson, Nakajima-Farran, De Rosario, Friend.

I could give you the St. Vinny names, but you don't care. One thing you should care about: their anthem sucks!

1st minute: We were getting players by number for a while, and then my NBC feed died. I've switched to Star FM.

10th: I'm guessing with the time here, but bad news for Canada: Rob Friend is out injured (back), and Ali Gerba is in. As I type, the announcers got excited, meaning a chance for VAG, which I don't like to hear.

I must admit, as awesome as it is for Canada to be playing important matches, it kind of fucking sucks to be sitting and listening to some shitty audio stream.

By the way, Ugo Ihemelu isn't in the 18 man roster for this match, which is probably a case of "better safe than sorry".

16:28: The Vincy announcers reliably inform me of the time before taking a commercial break!

It's hard to judge given the source of my information, but it seems Canada isn't dominating like they should. By the way, what are your feelings on Carib accents?

Some of the Voyageurs have set up a chat. That might be a better place to share your frustrations.

25th: We should be around 25 minutes now, but I couldn't tell you for sure, as the feed has cut out. The joys of being a Canadian fan.

Here are some facts about about good ol' St. V & G:

  • 389 sq km (344 of those are the main island)
  • 118,432 people
  • life expectancy of 74.34 years

And so on . . .

32nd: I lost touch for a while checking those facts, and while I was doing so Canada scored! Nakajima-Farran with his first for Canada. Track it with FIFA.

Around 38 minutes, we took a break from the broadcast for booze commercials.

40th: GOAL! Eat that islanders! Ali Gerba (or "Jerba"); he now has 6 goals for Canada, with almost a 50% strike rate.

We're getting near HT and I'm more relaxed now. The Vincy Heat doesn't seem so oppressive anymore.

It's halftime and I'm taking a commercial break.

My hope for the second half is that Canada grabs a goal or two, and tightens up a bit. I don't want to hear these announcers excited at all, it doesn't bode well for when the boys play a real squad like Honduras or Mexico.

I'm not sure, but I think one of the announcers (not Dexter) used the phrase "spurts and squirts". Sign him up, CBC, he'd go great with Mark Lee.

The announcers, with (mock) surprise, state that Canada has 18 professional players. Shock! And apparently, the correct designation is "Vincentians".

The Vincentians substitute their goalkeeper at half. By the way, the players for VAG all seems to have nicknames. Case in point: Randolph "Sticky" Williams. Too many spurts and squirts, perhaps.

47th: Trouble with facts: Brugge in the Bundesliga? Nakajima-Farran plays for Kaiserslautern? All that before Canada forces a save from the new keeper, and some excitement from the announcers.

"Canadian team is not satisfied with the 2-nil". That's what I like to hear.

58th: It sounds like Ali Gerba just failed to score on a breakaway. And minutes later, a missed "tap in", over the crossbar.

We must be nearing 65 minutes or so. This is a match where Canada could probably stand to use its full complement of substitutes, and not just in the last 5 minutes. In particular, I'd like to see (or hear, rather) De Jong and Hainault get some time on the pitch.

Words that I'm hearing more today than on a regular day: "definitely", "infringment", "sticky".

A crowd of about 3,000 is in attendance. If you're scoring at home, that's almost 3% of the country's population, like if 1 million people turned out for a Canada match. But I guess it doesn't work that way.

68th: Gerba heads down and Serioux has a shot that is saved. For all of his missed chances, Gerba also does seem to be causing some havoc among the Vincy Heat defenders.

Marlon James, who by the sounds of it is St. Vincent's only good player, shoots over from close range. Canada really needs a third to put this match to bed. And it sounds like this backup keeper is having a great second half.

78th: De Guzman off ... the announcers don't know who is on, but I'm guessing Bernier.

Another goal for Canada (Gerba), but it's whistled for offside.

I'm rapidly losing interest. If there's not another goal in this match, I'm not sure I'll have much to say. Before I give up, I should mention that Phillips Bakery is pretty much the best place in Kingstown to get bread, hot dog buns, etc. It's on Lower Middle Street, you can't miss it.

The announcers claim Canada's #2 has come on for Radzinski; James Brennan is now in midfield.

GOAL! Ali Gerba with a 2nd (finally) after some fine work from De Rosario. And he might have had a 3rd if it wasn't for some solid defending from Wesley 'Bootin' Charles. 3-0 Canada. I overshot on Gerba's strike rate earlier; he now has 7 in 17 caps (41%).

FINAL: Canada 3 - 0 St. Vincent

The announcers are now trying to claim that Canada didn't deserve the victory, calling it an even game, but I'm not buying it. Canada will get at least 3 more next Friday in Montreal.

That's all for now, I'll wrap up with some final thoughts in a few hours.


Kyle said...

Your right the anthem is pretty boring. I'll just watch your work and listen to the game, and add my comment here when I see fit.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the link to the live radio. great job!

J said...

You're welcome, anonymous, I aim to please.

I'm not pleased about having to work Friday evening, forcing me to provide my commentary in non-live format.