Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bad timing

If you were to ask me what the two biggest Canadian soccer matches of the summer will be, I'd tell you the following:
  • The final Cup match between Toronto FC and Montreal, a de facto final of the round-robin tournament. Takes place 22 July at BMO Field.
  • The World Cup Qualifying opener against Jamaica. 20 August at BMO Field.
I just consulted my summer schedule, and I won't be around for either of the matches. I won't be there in person, nor will I see them on TV. I won't even be able to find the result until a few days later, because I'll be in the wilderness, for work-related reasons, cut off from all civilization.

While you're watching Canadian soccer, here's where I'll be.

So no live blogs. I may attempt the ever popular three-days-delay blog, but only if I can maintain a cone of silence and download the matches.

Woe is me.

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