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Canada - Honduras, head to head

I began yesterday's post with some ambition: it was to be a detailed statistical rundown of Jamaica's social, political and footballing history and present, but I quickly ran out of steam. I did quite enjoy compiling the head-to-head record of the Reggae Boyz against Canada, and was quite interested in the results, particularly Canada's all-time home record against the Jamaican team.

Canada's away date will be played in San Pedro Sula.

History against Canada

So, with a little help from our friends (RSSSF and CSA) I put together a chart of Canada's all time performances against their second WCQ opponent, Honduras. A breakdown against Mexico is in the works, but it is longer and uglier and deserves its own post.

Date Location Result CAN HON Competition
11/09/80 Tegucigalpa, Honduras loss 0 2 Friendly
11/12/81 Tegucigalpa, Honduras loss 1 2 WCQ
12/11/83 San Pedro Sula, Honduras loss 1 3 Friendly
12/14/83 Tegucigalpa, Honduras loss 0 1 Friendly
08/25/85 Tegucigalpa, Honduras win 1 0 WCQ
09/14/85 St. John's, NF win 2 1 WCQ
10/02/87 Tegucigalpa, Honduras draw 1 1 Friendly
06/28/91 Los Angeles, USA loss 2 4 Gold Cup
04/04/93 Tegucigalpa, Honduras draw 2 2 WCQ
04/18/93 Burnaby, BC win 3 1 WCQ
01/10/96 Anaheim, USA win 3 1 Gold Cup
05/30/00 Winnipeg, MB win 3 1 Friendly
09/04/04 Edmonton, AB draw 1 1 WCQ
10/09/04 San Pedro Sula, Honduras draw 1 1 WCQ
07/02/05 Burnaby, BC loss 1 2 Friendly

Overall, Canada has a slight losing record against Honduras, a 5-4-6 mark (wins - draws - losses). More encouragingly, Canada is 4-1-2 outside of Honduras, and 3-1-1 in matches played on home soil. The lone loss was in a friendly; Canada is 2-1-0 in competitive matches at home to Honduras, including the clincher in St. John's that sent les Rouges to the World Cup.

In scouring these old results, I determined that as recently as 1981 (qualifying for the '82 World Cup), an entire World Cup qualifying group was hosted in a single city or country over a period of 3 weeks. In that year, Canada played El Salvador, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, and Cuba, all in Tegucigalpa. How shitty must that have been?

Canada has never met Honduras in Montreal, or even the eastern time zone. Home dates have been played at Swangard (2x), Edmonton, Winnipeg, and Newfoundland. In San Pedro Sula, where Canada will play Honduras on October 11th, Canada is 0-1-1 (they are 1-2-3 in their other Honduran escapades, all matches taking place in Tegucigalpa).

Famous Hondurans?

The only other part of yesterday's attempt at thoroughness that I enjoyed was my rundown of famous Jamaicans. It's easy to do: you can play along at home. All you need to do is head over to Google (or your favourite search engine), type in 'famous Hondurans' (or 'Jamaicans' or 'Mexicans' or 'Vulcans' -- you get the idea), choose the first search result, or whichever page looks most amateur, and then ridicule these so-called famous people for being little known or of little service to their country.

Today's edition:
José Cecilio del Valle (1780–1834), a member of the French Academy of Sciences, was an intellectual, a political leader, and the author of the Central American declaration of independence. Francisco Morazán (1799–1842) was the last president of the United Provinces of Central America, which lasted from 1823 to 1839. Father José Trinidad Reyes (1797–1855) founded an institute in 1847 that became the National University. Outstanding literary figures were Marco Aurelio Soto (1846–1908), an essayist and liberal president; Ramón Rosa (1848–93), an essayist and biographer; Policarpo Bonilla (1858–1926), a politician and author of political works; Alberto Membreño (1859–1921), a philologist; Juan Ramón Molina (1875–1908), a modernist poet; Froilán Turcios (1875–1943), a novelist and writer of fantastic tales; and Rafael Heliodoro Valle (1891–1959), a historian and biographer.
If you can tell me a single thing about any of these without googling them, you're a better man (or woman . . . and ladies, I'm single!) than I. Bonus points if you can give me the definition off 'philology' of the top of your head (hint: it's not stamp collecting -- that's philately).

America Ferrera: disloylal to the Honduran cause?

Wikipedia's lengthier listing includes a few names I half-recognize: director Hype Williams, and Ugly Betty, although the country's claim to her is as tenuous as England's claim to a certain OH (Honduran parents, but born in California).

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It's obvious why Canada can't qualify, and they CANT, but the reason is simple. Too many friggen immigrant players. Nothing against them, but if you have players born in england, or klusbikingstan or some random eastern european nation, why would you expect to win? They won't play as if its their nation, its just a club game to them, no even that its a street scrap ball game. Get some real born CANADIANS who have PASSION then they will actually get a win and come out on top, get some nflders who play their hearts out, soccer capital of canada is there, and the only time the got to the world cup was when they won in St. John's so there you go.