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Canada - Mexico, head to head

I've previously dug into the archives and had a look at Canada's all-time results against Honduras and Jamaica, the lesser of our semi-final qualifying round opponents. Digging into the Mexico results is a longer and more sobering task, so I put it off for a time. Mexico has bossed CONCACAF for quite a while now, and their results against Canada are evidence of that.

Canada visits Mexico on 10 September. The match is in Chiapa, not listed on the map.

History against Canada

As per usual, I hit up the RSSSF archives and the CSA page to cross-reference the results. One match was listed at RSSSF but not the CSA site, and is indicated in italics. It was part of a 3-team tournament called the NAFC Championship that was held twice in the 1940s, then again in 1990 (when Canada won), and for the last time in 1991, and the wikipedia page verifies that the match took place. Current MNT pool keeper Pat Onstad even started the match. Without any further ado, the results:

Date Location Result CAN MEX Competition
06/30/57 Mexico City, Mexico loss 0 3 WCQ
07/04/57 Mexico City, Mexico loss 0 2 WCQ
08/24/72 Toronto, ON loss 0 1 WCQ
09/05/72 Mexico City, Mexico loss 1 2 WCQ
10/10/76 Vancouver, BC win 1 0 WCQ
10/27/76 Toluca, Mexico draw 0 0 WCQ
10/22/77 Monterrey, Mexico loss 1 3 WCQ
10/18/80 Toronto, ON draw 1 1 WCQ
11/16/80 Mexico City, Mexico draw 1 1 WCQ
11/15/81 Tegucigalpa, Honduras draw 1 1 WCQ
12/06/83 Irapuato, Mexico loss 0 5 Friendly
04/27/86 Mexico City, Mexico loss 0 3 Friendly
10/06/87 Toluca, Mexico loss 0 4 Friendly
04/12/88 Victoria, BC win 1 0 Friendly
04/14/88 Vancouver, BC draw 1 1 Friendly
05/13/90 Vancouver, BC win 2 1 Friendly
03/14/91 Los Angeles, USA loss 0 3 Friendly
06/30/91 Los Angeles, USA loss 1 3 Gold Cup
04/25/93 Mexico City, Mexico loss 0 4 WCQ
05/09/93 Toronto, ON loss 1 2 WCQ
07/18/93 Mexico City, Mexico loss 0 8 Gold Cup
03/02/97 Mexico City, Mexico loss 0 4 WCQ
10/12/97 Edmonton, AB draw 2 2 WCQ
02/20/00 San Diego, USA win 2 1 Gold Cup
08/15/00 Mexico City, Mexico loss 0 2 WCQ
11/15/00 Toronto, ON draw 0 0 WCQ

Overall, playing against Mexico has been somewhat of a horror show. The numbers bear that out, with a 4-7-15 (win-draw-loss) record, and an all time goals/goals against mark of 16-57. I wish I could say that the bad results all came in friendlies and the Gold Cup, but that's not the case: in qualifying matches Canada has a 1-6-9 record.

If you're looking for a bright side, you need to look pretty hard. Canada has a respectable 4-5-4 record outside of Mexico (0-2-11 in Mexico!), 3-4-2 in Canada. Also, the association may have done well by choosing Edmonton as the host: Canada is unbeaten against Mexico in Western Canada (2-2-0).

I find it interesting that Canada hasn't played Mexico in almost 8 years. They met 3 times in 2000; twice during the dismal WCQ 2002 campaign. The other meeting was the memorable Gold Cup quarterfinal (Richard Hastings!!) which turned me on to following national team soccer in the first place.

Famous Mexicans

Now for the fun part. I hate to go with a wikipedia entry for something light-hearted, but I have to be consistent and go with the first google search result for 'famous mexicans'. The problem with Latin American countries is that most of their famous citizens are revolutionaries known for killing fellow citizens. All the names and events start to run together, and since I was dangerously close to not caring in the first place, I find myself resorting to cheap tricks like posting pictures with vaguely racist captions.

Carlos: He's as Mexican as fireworks and bean-induced diarrhea.

Here's one that you should all know.

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