Monday, July 28, 2008

Help Wanted

I've already mentioned that I messed up my summer schedule and won't even be near a television when Canada plays Jamaica on August 20th. That's bad news for me, sure, but it's also bad news to anybody who wanted to supplement their viewing experience by following a live blog of the match from yours truly.

You see, my live blogs of Canadian matches have been some of my most popular posts, in terms of visits. In fact, they are the only popular posts to appear on this blog.

Pleasing my readers is what it is all about, and what better way for me to please my readers than to ask somebody else to do it for me.

Here is what I am proposing: You (not all of you, but hopefully at least one) live blog the Jamaica match for me. I'll add you as an author on this blog, you can contribute a few posts in the lead up to the match, since I'll be incommunicado between the 17th and the 23rd, but most importantly, you keep tabs on the action with a live blog post during the match. This live blog may include:
  • disparaging remarks about the opponent nation, perhaps making reference to that country's abuse of the English language, underperforming economy, weed habit, etc.
  • keeping the readers up-to-date on what beer is lubricating your thoughts -- for example, I just became intimate for the first time with a Singaporean brew, a not unpleasant experience
  • cleary biased play-by-play and commentary
  • such details as time of the match, and to what lengths readers will need to go to view it live (it is likely the Jamaica game will appear live on at least one of the Sportsnet regional feeds)
  • liberal use of the phrase 'soccer boner'
I could lie and say you stand to gain much in the way of prestige and experience from this assignment, but to be honest it will be pretty thankless. I can cut you in on some AdSense revenue when my account reaches the payment threshold in a few years, but really, you should be doing it for the love of the game.

Any takers? Leave a comment and we'll be in touch.

For an idea of what you'd be getting yourself into, check out some past live blogs (listed in reverse chronological order):

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Kyle said...

Hey J,

I should be able to liveblog that game for you on Aug 20th, let me double check my schedule, and the time of the game. As long as you don't mind me linking it with the world cup blog I'll be happy to aid you while you are away.



J said...

Sure, plug your blog all you want. Heck, if you're keen to it, you can cross-post the whole thing at both sites.

The main thing that I am concerned with is not having this space go silent during the most important week for Canadian soccer in years.

Let me know when you know for sure. The match is Wednesday, August 20th, at 7:30pm ET.

Kyle said...


Should not be a problem at all from what I can see here, since sportsnet is showing the game, which makes life a lot easier for me to watch it. Feel free to email me at and we can get this all tied down before you disappear.