Thursday, July 10, 2008

VCup Canadian Content UPDATE

After the 5th match day:

Match Starters Subs Mins % mins


vs Toronto 4 2 426 43%
vs Vancouver 6 1 526 53%
at Vancouver 5 2 473 48%
Totals 15 5 1425 48%


at Montreal 3 0 270 27%
vs Vancouver 2 0 180 18%
at Vancouver 1 1 95 10%
Totals 5 0 450 18%


at Montreal 5 1 450 45%
vs Montreal 5 3 480 48%
at Toronto 5 2 458 46%
vs Toronto 4 2 381 38%
Totals 15 6 1388 45%

The single Canadian starter fielded by TFC ('keeper Greg Sutton) and the 5-minute cameo appearance by Kevin Harmse represent the lowest Canadian participation rate of the tournament so far. The suspension to Jim Brennan for accumulated yellows is the real reason, but I'm surprised that dead weight like Robert and Cunningham are given chance after chance to succeed, while young players with potential like Gabe Gala languish on the bench.

The match was a good one, I am told (I was out at a local establishment at the time, alas, no TVs in our area). The result, a 2-2 draw, eliminates Vancouver from contention, even though it is a good performance by the Whitecaps, going unbeaten against the MLS side over two games. The CBC gets it all wrong with their headline: Whitecaps deal another blow to Toronto FC.

Unless the headline writer is imagining an emotional or psychological blow, Toronto FC suffers minimal damage with the result. A loss would have been trouble: they would have needed to beat Montreal by a significant margin on July 22 in order to hoist the cup. But a win against the Whitecaps would have the same effect as a draw: Toronto FC needs only to win by a single goal against the Impact to be champions.

By the way, with his two goal performance yesterday, Eddy Sebrango is the leading goal scorer in the tournament (2 total).

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