Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Adopt-a-player: Early returns

Does he have a good left peg?

I adopted Mike Klukowski as the man for this blog during the current qualifying campaign.

We love the mullet man. Almost unconditionally. So imagine my dismay to read posters on the Voyageurs forum accusing him of being slow, and suggesting that Jim Brennan is a better fit at left back.

I'll be honest -- I wasn't watching my boy too closely after Pat Onstad broke my heart by letting in the Jamaica goal. I remember a sweet juke he made a little earlier on, and he got forward well to combine with Radzinski. He certainly, in my opinion, did nothing to lose his starting job.

If you look at the minutes played under Dale Mitchell, you'll find that Mike is a coach's favourite too, so don't expect him to be riding the pine any time soon.

Even two seasons ago, without the power bestowed upon him by his euro-mullet, he oozed awesomeness from every pore.

In Kluka We Trust.

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