Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Canada vs Jamaica Live Blog Full Game

Well this is where all the magic is going to begin tonight, so sit back and relax and enjoy the read and feel free to comment.

Quickie Pregame intro

Well tonight begins the second round of the WCQ 2010 Qualifying out of the CONCACAF division and Canada gets the show on the road against what most predict the weakest opponent in the group in Jamaica. As well Mexico will be taking on Honduras tonight in the other group 2 matchup and I will keep an eye on the match and provide any needed updates that are needed. But back to the reason we are here, CANADA.

The match will begin shortly once I can find the starting lineups I will post them here. I'm excited to see how the Toronto fans react tonight and if the Canadian support can provide that 12th man that we are all hoping for tonight.

Starting Lineup for tonight
Carlos Batres (Guatemala)

Beer of the Match

Yup I've picked a Dutch beer tonight, hoping that we can see some free flowing soccer out of our midfielder tonight, and also hoping that we can put the ugly DeGuzman bit to bed finally.

1st Half Underway

0 minutes, Canada is running a usual 4-5-1 tonight, with Rob Friend playing as the lone striker. I might mention thank goodness I own the cable package that I can see the game live on the Pacific channel, even if I live in Ontario, did I mention I now hate the Blue Jays.

2 minutes DeRosario commits a foul on a Jamaica, ref gives away the free kick and the Torontonio faithful let him know what they feel about it, thank goodness we have a full house tonight. For once it's a pro Canada crowd, not like the times we have seen other nations control the fans... ala Calgary 8 years back or so.

6 minutes The play has been stuck in the midfield for the most part, Canada controlling most of the possession early on, Jamaica has made one attack which failed quickly when the ball couldn't be controlled as it went passed the goal line.

7 minutes Rob Friend has a small chance on net, but it's Ricketts first safe of the evening, as he tries to show his goaltending prowess, the man needs a job right now with no club currently owning him.

10 minutes Jamaica is playing like the rasta man, a very lazy pace so far early on, very cautious and no real attacking so far. Canada on the other hand is trying to force the ball up the field early on, some nice passes but can't make that 3rd or 4th touch really count.

11 minutes Radzinski has a good from the left side outside the goal box and blasts it way over the bar. For a second there I thought I was watching a Jaap Stam penalty kick (Please refer to Euro 2000 against Italy).

13 minutes DeRosario has a free kick and almost has it go in as Gardner (captain for Jamaica) heads the ball just passed his net. Corner kick for Canada.

17 minutes Jamaica was taking over possession for a bit, but not moving forward, sort of like stuck in reverse over there. They really need a lucky egg or something to kiss, or a bobsled chant to move forward.

20 minutes Pat Onstad has his first work of the night, and it all ends in him taking a free kick, should mention that he now has his 56th cap and now leads Canadian goalkeepers in most caps earned for Canada.

23 minutes Patrice Bernier has a chance at goal and gains a corner off of it. The corner kick from DeRosario left much to be desired as it falls from the sky into the hands of Ricketts.

24 minutes DeRosario gains himself a yellow card with a clip to the feet of the Jamaican, pretty easy yellow card to call, he was no where near gaining control of the ball.

28 minutes Free Kick for Jamaica just outside the box, center left 5 feet away, free kick is taking and on target, right into the gut of Onstad who doesn't have to move in the least to safe the ball.

32 minutes Jamaica comes to life with a nice passing play, and has started to take control of possession in the midfield currently, almost comes with a goal as a header in side the box just goes passed the left side of the post.

34 minutes Canada has gone back to playing high school soccer and is just booting the ball downfield at the moment to get it out of harms way as Jamaica continues the pressure.

35 minutes Wolfe for Jamaica has gone done for a stoppage in play as his ankle sort of twists as he falls to ground, should be okay, but has stopped play for the moment as the Canadian team uses it as a water break.

40 minutes Canada has slowed down the tempo as well now and is taking time in moving the ball up the field, doing the old prodding and feeling technique against the very defensive Jamaican. squad.

45 minutes De Rosario with a long free kick in and this time Ricketts has to jump over Friend to get control on the ball and send it out on play... 1 minute of injury time has been added

45 minutes + 1 DeRosairo gets taken down by Andy Williams and a yellow card is giving out, a free kick is given 25 feet from goal on the left side for Canada. De Rosario just sends the ball over the net and that ends the first half.

Canada 0 -- Jamaica 0.

Half Time Outlook.
Canada has played well so far in the first half with only a few minutes of time when they have looked out of place and not ontop of the ball, no damage was done during those times. On the other hand they have been sloppy with the attempted passes into the box, along with not creating enough dangerous chances o
n the Jamaican keeper. Hopefully during halftime Dale Mitchell will address this issue with Canada and will continue to make sure that Canada owns the ball in the midfield, just a bit more patients needs to be shown to find the opening and space to create the goal. Jamaica having been together practicing for 8 months has shown it on defense with all the defenders knowing exactly where the other is and being able to close down the more skilled Canadian opponents. They will be happy with a draw tonight and will continue to have to press when they get the chances on the counter attack. For now I will go refill my Bavarian and get ready for the second half. If you have any question and comments feel free to add it here.

Second Half
The second half is just underway, no changes made by either squad to start the second half in terms of substitutions.

46 minutes DeGuzm
an scores for Canada... 1-0 Canada, DeRosario with a nice cross across the goal to Radzinski on the far post who heads it back into open space to DeGuzman who slots it into the right post with Ricketts only gets a touch on the ball. *I would like to thanks sportsnet for not covering the play during the live portion of the goal as they were busy looking at the stands at that time... only in Canada, thank goodness for replays*

50 minutes Jamaica scores... 1-1... corner was conceded to Jamaica, and as the Toronto FC fans throw there streamers down at the corner spot on Andrew Williams (born in Toronto) and Pat Onstad knocks the ball in the net as he can't beat it up and over the goal.

53 minutes Andrew Serious picks up a yellow card quickly after the goal, and Canada is going to have to settle down quickly now and forget about that goal that just went in.

55 minutes Free kick taking by Williams and he puts it right on target on the net and Onstad has to put a good save and gets the bar over the bar for a corner kick, the streamers have come down again.

58 minutes Canada has gotten away with a blatant foul on DeGuzman and the fans let the Guatemalan know how they really feel about that call as he was pulled down from behind on a run forward to goal. *My Alan Partridge reference for the night, don't worry the video will still show up*

61st minute Canadian corner kick... they could cause trouble from here. DeRosario gets it onto the head of Friend who punches it into the ground and into the arms of Ricketts who plays the ball upfield.

63rd minute Jamaican Substitution is made as goal scorer Williams comes out and Luton Shelton is brought in to add some more defensive presence for Jamaica as they go for the draw.

64th minute Patrice Bernier is substituted out for Canada and Ian Hume is brought in for Canada, hoping to add some energy and pace to the game. I always love some fiery spirit as the sportsnet broadcasters enjoy saying about him.

66th minute Atiba Hutchinson is booked with a yellow card on a badly called foul that wasn't a foul, which he argues and will get booked for dissent as he bumped into the referee during the argument... it was accidental, clearly a Canadian error.

70th minute Canada had two great chances to add a goal but Ricketts makes two fantastic saves and just keeps both the balls out of the net, the pressure is being put on hugely by Canada right now. DeRosario and DeGuzman are the trouble makers right now.

72nd minute Off the corner Ricketts has just stood on his head again, as Friend uses his head and points the ball at the goal, which Ricketts gets his hand on again, and Jamaican defenders do well at clearing the ball.

74th minute Jamaica is showing pace as well right now as Goodison takes a long crack at goal and just misses, great pace being showing by both teams right now, this has been a really good second half.

75th minute Substitution being made by Canada as Ali Gerba comes in for Rob Friend.

79 minute Canada is pressing right now, but can't make that final pass at the moment as they try to find the open man in the box.

80th minute Hume almost connects with DeRosario for a goal even though it was his hand that was used on the ball that went over the goal, but it was the thought that counts right?

83rd minute 7 minutes to go, and Ricketts continues to control the balls that are crossed in the box for the most part, as Jamaica continues to remained organized in the back as Canada continues to press forward.

85th minute Ricketts saves a sure goal for Canada when he dives out and stops the DeRosario pass to Gerba streaking towards the front of the net.

86th minute DeGuzman strikes iron with his shot, as he hits the bar on his shot from 25 meters out, and Ricketts was beat cleanly, sadly it's on the wrong side of the bar.

88th minute Corner kick for Jamaica as Canada lets up just a bit after the DeGuzman shot and Jamaican's corner kick goes high up into the air that people are wondering if a space ship is invading earth... okay it wasn't that bad, but I haven't seen a corner kick that high it quite some time.

89th minute DeRosario has an open net as Ricketts misplaces the ball, and Goodison just gets his body in the way of the ball, and the game remains tie.

90th minute 4 minutes of added time for this second half, both sides have had chances now, this could go anywhere right now.

90th + 1 Another random foul called on Canada, just been noted that the fouls are 27 to 13 against Canada, do you figure that the ref might be slightly biased, just a pointed remark with some of the random calls he has made in this game.

90th + 3 Omar Cummings has a shot on goal for Jamaica as he has just come on for them, and again both teams have chances in this extra time period, as Hume comes streaking in for Canada and puts the shot on the far side of the post.


Well a 1-1 draw happens, and well the Guatemalan official wins the award for crappy ending of a game with a quick whistle before 4 minutes is played. Now onto the game itself, full credit goes to Jamaica for the way they played tonight, great defensive effort on their part in keeping Canada at bay for most of the night. Canada played well and just needs to work on addressing at getting the ball into the feet of it's goal scorers, and making that final touch count. We have some time to work on that until our next game which is on Sept. 6th.One goaltending mistake on a set piece cost us the tie, as Onstad got caught going forward when he should have been back and couldn't get back and put enough on the ball to prevent it from going in. While we didn't get the 3 points that we had hoped for, atleast we don't have 0 and will just have to move on to Montreal and welcome Honduras into the stadium there, currently the Mexico vs Honduras game is 0-0 and I can only hope it remains a draw so that no team has gained an advantage yet it this group.

Thanks to all for reading and commenting, feel free to add any comments you want on this page, and J will be back on Saturday to probably watch a taped edition of the game and add his comments, hopefully he doesn't mind my blogging, it was a fun experience and hopefully I'll have another kick at the can sometime at this, thanks to all those that read this tonight.

Aurevoir and bon nuit, might as well respect both official languages. And Because this never grows old, as promised some Alan Partridge. If you have never seen this before, just watch it and laugh, if you have seen it before I don't have to explain it at all.


Brian said...

Stuck at work, and don't think I will get home even to catch the second half - your liveblog is much appreciated. Forza Canada?

Headhunting Canuck said...

Forza sounds too spanish/portuguese, then again they are good at soccer... I'm all about the good old fashion eh. CANADA EH?

susan said...

Am here in halifax, no digital cable :o( so am very thankful for your blog here!! go canada go.

Headhunting Canuck said...


This is where I get angry, a big Canadian match and we have to get it taped delayed in half the country because baseball is on. Really Canadian team sports should always be shown live and if cbc has to do it, then they should be the national channel. I digress now.

Phil Venninckx said...

I to am trapped at work...unfortunantly and won't get to see the game...

Poor Susan, not much of anything out there in Halifax

susan said...

yes indeed! poor me :o) i still cannot believe that this game, as important as it is, is not being aired LIVE everywhere across the country. crazy ... i like the jays as much as the next person, but give me a break. that should be on some of the digital channels ... but now i digress ;o)

Headhunting Canuck said...

Don't they still have cheap beer at the bars in Halifax Susan... that's a good thing in my mind?

susan said...

hurray!! we scored :o)

and yes, that is what i should have done ... gone to bubba ray's and watched this sucker live (or at least as live as the sportsnet camera can get haha) .... next time for sure.

again: thanks for doing this.

Anonymous said...

Go Jamaica Go! Just like you're doing at the Olympics!

Headhunting Canuck said...

See I love it when a Canadian blog is infiltrated by the opposing team, I have nothing against Jamaica playing good soccer at all, I just hope he was really meaning go Jamaica go, and not just trying to cause a stir in here. Cause right now both teams are playing good soccer.

21978 is the attendance for the game tonight at BMO field.

Anonymous said...

Why would it have to be a "he" posting the "Go Jamaica Go" comment? I am female, and a citizen of both Jamaica and Canada! ;-)

Headhunting Canuck said...

I apologize for the he reference, I'll call it my quickness at writing down he, sorry should have put a he/she, ah well it was a good game of futbol, and really can't complain of the tie for either side, both played their game tonight.

Anonymous said...

No problem, man! Cool runnings!

Thanks for the blog. No coverage of "the supreme game" in the Vancouver area either, so we "watched" it via your blog.

Look out for Ja. in the 200 metres women's final tomorrow, and the 4x100m! Can you imagine? A country 1/3 the size of Vancouver Island producing those results?!?!

Headhunting Canuck said...

Yes Jamaica has done amazing at the sprints in the Olympics, poor US, having a tough time swallowing that pill, good luck in those races, I can't see the Canadians have any chance, so I might as well cheer on the Jamaicans.

Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme, get on up, it's bobsled time, COOL RUNNINGS

Anonymous said...

BTW ...Don't know where you got that photo showing a "Miss Jamaica". Miss Jamaica 2008 is Brittany Lyons and she certainly doesn't look like that! Neither does Yendi Phillipps, Miss Jamaica 2007. Check out Miss Jamaica World 2008 website (that's the only official one) and you'll see that Ja. is full of beauties. Male & female, actually.

Careful with the stereotyping. Not all Jamaicans appeared in the Cool Runnings movie. There are intelligent, beautiful and polished/ gracious Jamaicans too.

One love!

Anonymous said...

How often has Miss Canada won Miss World?

Miss Jamaica has won Miss World 3 times ... in 1963, 1976 and 1993, with several runners up since inception of the beauty pageant. It's always best to start from a position of knowledge, eh? It is just dirty of you to insult Jamaican female beauty like that. You clearly need to travel ... and gain exposure to intelligent, cultured, and exceptionally beautiful ethnically-mixed Jamaican women.

Shame on you really!