Monday, August 18, 2008

Where to watch the game.

Greetings all,

In anticipation for the game on wednesday, which is now less than 48 hours away I just wanted to give a quick update for where the game will be shown on the television, especially for those Canadian readers. And if you want to watch the game and follow along the live blog I will be happy to attempt to entertain you with my wit and poor humour.


Yes I do realize that this is men's soccer, but clearly we already win the pageantry battle, and well again it's my poor humour at work.

So for those of you wish to watch the game on the television and have digital cable you'll be happy to hear that sportsnet will be showing the game. The key though is you need to have either the sportsnet west or pacific channels in order to watch the games, because of Blue Jays baseball, the East and Ontario channels are tape delayed (reminder that I blame both CSA and Sportsnet on this little issue). So if you have all the channels of sportsnet, tune into the Pacific or West channel on Wednesday at 7:30 pm ET, 8:30 AT, 9:00 Newfie time,6:30 pm CT 5:30 PM MT and 4:30 PM Pt (I figure I would cover all angles). And if you can spare some time join me hear and add your own wit to this game as well.

And because I can do this, time to post a little youtube video to end the post. Hope you enjoy.

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