Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Canada vs Mexico: How to watch

Yes, you could say I'm mailing this one in.

I won't be watching the game. I'll be playing some softball with my friends and doing some preemptive drinking.

On the bright side, this game will be broadcast live on Sportsnet in all regions. Praise Allah!

So that's 9 pm ET / 6 pm PT.

That is all.

Live bloggage may happen tomorrow. Be sure to check back.


Colin Smith said...

Here is what Scotland's (English) assistant coach Terry Butcher told the press ahead of their away match with Iceland:

"We've come here to win the game. We want to take the game to Iceland. Confidence has not suffered. There is some great talent in the Scotland squad. I know the players are hurting and that they are desperate to succeed."

Here is what Canada's coach Dale Mithcell told the press ahead of their away match with Mexico:

"We're going to play a good team on Wednesday, so we have to make sure that we're not feeling sorry for ourselves, that we're ready to battle against a tough opponent in a tough place to play and do everything we can to get a result here."

Scotland won, let's see how Canada performs...

J said...

I see your point that the psychology is important, but it is hardly fair to compare Scotland playing away to Iceland with Canada in Mexico.

Colin Smith said...

I know the situations don't compare. I just wanted to show how a coach should and shouldn't talk before ANY match. And that's how Dale Mitchell talks before every match...