Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Canada vs Mexico LiveBlog

This is where the glory will happen, as soon as I steal the tv away from my female roommates... any suggestions are always greatly appreciated on that front.

Okay I stole the television, which thankfully allows me to watch the game, and listen to Shakira *I couldn't win on the sound battle*. So since this game is still on tv, according to sportsnet (since they will stop showing it once they are mathematically eliminated. Which is funny cause I was watching sportsnet tonight and well I was reminded by Bob McCown that sportsnet really has nothing to ever show, just filler, such as poker, and whatever other garbage they can put on, so really why they don't try put there stamp on Canadian soccer and give it as much attention is beyond me. But again the Seattle Mariners are just so exciting to watch.

Beer of the Match

In honour of our Mexican patriots, their beer, like the American mates it is quite watered down, as well I don't have the will to drink for Canada tonight. *The let down was too much the other night*

* 1 Oswaldo SANCHEZ (GK)
* 3 Fausto PINTO
* 4 Rafael MARQUEZ
* 5 Ricardo OSORIO
* 6 Gerardo TORRADO
* 7 Luis PEREZ
* 11 Carlos VELA
* 15 Fernando ARCE
* 17 Giovanni DOS SANTOS
* 18 Andres GUARDADO

* Richard HASTINGS 5
* Julian DE GUZMAN 6
* Jim BRENNAN 11
* Dwayne DE ROSARIO 14
* Adrian SERIOUX 15
* Rob FRIEND 16

Of interest for the Canadian lineup is that Jim Brennan is in for this game, thank goodness our defense may look better. Also Nakjima-Farran has gotten in and Radzinski is sadly too injrued to play, which is a dissapointment but not unexpected, the nasty cut hasn't had enough time to heal.

-I'm tuned into sportsnet and they have to show me highlights of the Honduras loss from 5 nights ago, yup the pain comes back once again... could someone say where's the defense.

Joke of the night
-Why doesn't Mexico have an official Olympic team?
Because the mexicans that can run, jump, and swim are in America.

I couldn't resist I do apologize.

1st minute - No goals have been scored yet, I guess that is a good thing so far, but the Mexicans keep coming down the field quickly, wonder if Dale Mitchell has a plan.

3rd minute - Canada has the ball in the Mexican end, nothing comes of it, but it was nice to see.

4th minute - The mexicans almost get one, and Hirschfeld has to punch it clear for a cornerkick.

6th minute - Okay the Mexicans haven't scored yet, but you know it's like playing in one of those games as a kid, where you play the older children and they have wiser and have more skills, and you are just willing yourself for them not to score... that's sort of what we are watching on here right now, just beautiful fluid passing from Mexico, one touch football is lovely to watch.

9th minute - DeGuzman just did a beautiful stomp on Torrado's ankle, the treatment is out, the magical spray is being used and another mexican is warming up... he should be okay, but it was a nice step and twist.

12th minute - Blatant handball by
Nakjima-Farran gives Mexico a free kick in a dangerous position on the right side of the box... nothing comes of the freekick, but it was one real dumb foul to take near your box. Funny enough I noted that DeRosario got the yellow card on that play.

14th minute - Serioux makes the biggest offensive run for Canada when he came from half to almost the box before the ball was knocked away, but hey it was an offensive run and I'm here to report on those kinds of events for Canada.

16th minute - A crack from long range by Osorio for Mexico causes Hirschfeld to make a solid safe at his right post.

19th minute - Corner kick for Mexico .... results in nothing thankfully... but Mexico keeps getting a head or a foot on it in the box before the Canadians do, which scares me.

21st minute - The pressure is coming full tilt on Canada, they are with 11 men around the box and Mexico is just looking for that mistake to press on and get that goal.

24th minute - Hirschfeld is playing like a soccer goalkeeping god, showing no fear and make a fun save and cover on the left side of the box... not afraid to use the body, just the way we like it.

26th minute - Fouls galore are going on for Canada right now as they just try to hold on at the moment and make some sort of counter... I would love to know what the possession of ball is for this game so far, some how I see around a 75/25 split for Mexico right now.

28th minute - J's adopt a player Klukowski makes a fine defense stop and gets the ball half way up the Canadian end, and then he gets stepped on, causing a delay in play.

31st minute - DeGuzman has a chance from 35 yards out, takes a bounce off a Mexican player and it's a Canadian corner. Jim Brennan floats the corner into the far side and it gets booted out by a mexican player.

33rd minute - Back to what we say in the first 27 minutes of the game... Mexico all over Canada, getting to the lose balls first and just can't seem to find the entrance at goal... I'm reminded of watching Andorra play the Netherlands... I just hope that any Canadian players do the following.

38th minute - Game has opened up slightly, more fluidity is being shown by both squads and again Hirschfeld has to come out and smother the ball.

40th minute - Dos Santos just misses scoring as he breaks inside after a nice 1 -2 is played, takes a shot on the right side, and hits the outside of the netting on that side.

41st minute - Guardado is giving a yellow card for a nice little dive in the box, and well I'm thankful for seeing that happen... as Staltari doesn't make any contact with Guardado.

44th minute - Hirschfeld makes another save from distance, he is making sure that nothing gets by him tonight, I might just have to adopt the man, he should get more playing time in Romania.

45th minute - 2 minutes of stoppage time to be added on. Well one more chance for Mexico, results in another missed opportunity for Mexico as the header goes way too high and Canada gets out of the first half without a goal scored on them... they should go drink some water, they are going to need it for the 2nd half if this continues the way it has.

2nd half - Well Canada shows up late onto the field, yup this bolds well for keeping the ref happy, which yes refereed and excellent first half. The second half is underway.

46th minute - Mexico has control of the ball in the Canadian half again, but that extra little time seems to have kept Canada fresh so far. Stalteri hands the ball within the box, but thankfully either the ref didn't see it or decided he didn't do it deliberately.

49th minute - Foul called against Mexico as they clipped De Guzman on the legs. So far the ball has come out of the Canadian zone for about 15 seconds this half.

50th minute - Corner kick for Mexico and nothing comes of it again, but DeRosario has the ball on his own inside the Mexican box on the counter attack.... sadly nothing comes of it as well.

51st minute - Vela heads the ball over the Canadian net, he just couldn't keep it down, was a nice cross inside the Canada's box.

52nd minute - Marquez takes a long range shot and beats Hirschfeld, but misses the net, that one was close.

53rd minute - Klukowski is down and injured on the ground, as he gets hit down by Bravo, his shoulder is slightly soar at the moment, but he is tough and will get back on the field.

55nd minute - Vela has an excellent chance for Mexico as he takes a crack from the left side just inside the box and Hirschfeld makes an excellent save and Hastings is right there to clear away the rebound... everyone breath, it's still tied.

57th minute - And Canada is offside, but for the first time game I counted more than 8 players past half for Canada, which was lovely too see let me tell you.

59th minute - Bravo scores for Mexico, puts in a beautiful header for Mexico on a nice crossed ball into the box... it was an excellent header and I can't blame Hirschfeld, he had no chance and defense was all around him, but the cross was just pin point accurate on that one. Mexico 1 - Canada 0

60th minute - Signal is lost to the game... *chuckles* I would love to update but I can't, and neither can sportsnet... I'll wait patiently now.

61st minute - Oh the game is back, and mexico has a free kick just on the outside of the right box. Looks like it's getting heated inside the box as Mexico and Canadian players yell at one another... wonder if they are asking how to get smuggled into Canada, I doubt it, but we are better than the US, let's be honest.

64th minute - Canada is starting to look ragged on the defense, the running around is taking it's toll and Mexico is finding lots of open space.

66nd minute - Serioux takes a yellow card on a slide tackle on a Mexican player, it was a clear card.

67nd minute - Ian Hume comes into the game for Nakjima-Farran... I hope he plays well cause it was one crappy performance against Honduras.

68th minute - Rob Friend almost breaks through the Mexican defense, but the defender just gets his foot in the way of the shot.

69th minute - Ali Gerba comes into the game... for I don't know who right now... somehow I missed it. My head was buried typing madly for some strange reason.

72nd minute - Cornerkick for Mexico and Rafael Marquez scores with his head as Hirschfeld can't get enough of the ball, as it squeaks past the inside post and in. Mexico 2 - Canada 0

74th minute - Almost another goal, but this time offside is called, thank goodness for it.

75th minute - Bravo just had another crack at goal and Hirschfeld makes the save. Cornerkick for Mexico and this time we clear it.

77th minute - Gerba just scores for Canada, on a header off a free kick as Gerba beats the goalkeeper to the ball and hit it down and into the net. Mexico 2 - Canada 1.

80th minute - Canada just gets called offside on another offense break, they are trying really hard now and I really do appreciate the effort they are showing now.

81st minute - Canada is actually holding Mexico in there zone now with the ball, thank goodness.

82nd minute - Oliver Occean comes in for Rob Friend.

84th minute - Mexico is trying to waste time now by controlling the ball, but Canada continues to press well and get the ball back, problem though once we get the ball we promptly pass it back to Mexico, got to be cleaner with the passes. Corner kick for Mexico, nothing comes of it.

86nd minute - Canada tries to get the ball into the box on Mexico's end, but ir rolls out for a goal kick.

88nd minute - Guardado comes from his own end of the field to the Canadian box, untouched and gets a solid shot on the net and Hirschfeld makes a wonderful save... Mexico plays a sub, and it's Blanco, who will get his 100th cap and will retire at the end of this game.

90th minute - 4 minutes of stoppage time added on. 4 minutes to score a goal.

90+2 minute - Canada just can't get the pressure on Mexico now, as they continue to hold onto the ball, and when they give it away they don't let Canada get out of their own end.

90 +3 minute - Blanco gets a yellow card for simulation, but really he just trips over his own feet, which cracks the Canadian broadcasters, as really he didn't mean to dive. Sigh I can't complain about the ref, he's been very good and very fair tonight.

Full time is blown as Mexico wins the game and gets the full 3 points... at the moment as well Honduras is up on Jamaica right now, which is the worst thing that could happen for Canada and their qualifying hopes.

To all that read the blog tonight, thanks for reading, it was lovely to have you around, and hope you all have a good evening, or morning wherever you may be. Canada has only 1 out of possible 9 points so far, and will need to get atleast 7 to have any chance of qualifying for the next round, can they do it... tune into J, who will keep you updated with it all.


J said...

Female roommates? This is an interesting development . . .

Anyway, I'm out. Enjoy the match. Best of luck to all the readers but most of all to the boys with the maple leaf.

Headhunting Canuck said...

Have a goodnight J,

I'll try keep it colorful while you are out and about, try avoid watching the match, it's probably healthier.

philip said...

Thanks for blogging this, I am in Australia this year and sportsnet is not streaming the game outside of Canada.

Go Canada!

Headhunting Canuck said...

No problem philip,

Keep me entertained with comments and I'll try blog it as best I can.

philip said...

Entertained? Talk about putting the pressure on me.

Anyway shouldn't you be watching the game not the comments?

Headhunting Canuck said...

I tend to multi task when I can see both screens at the same time.

philip said...

Seems pretty much one-sided, has Canada even tied Mexico in Mexico?

susan said...

great clip of van nistelrooy, had not seen that before. a nice chuckle to break the tension.

as philip said, Go Canada!

Headhunting Canuck said...


Canada has never beaten Mexico in Mexico but they have drawn against them twice, once WCQ in 1976 and also in 1980.

Colin Smith said...

The referee has been outstanding.
(fingers crossed it stays that way) Canada doing a steady job so far. They have to be sure not to concede in the first 5 minutes of the second half.
de Guzman also needs kick more Mexicans.

philip said...

re: de Guzman

Maybe he can be a soccer equivalent of Bobby Clarke

philip said...

So when do we start doing a "Honduras" and pretend to be hurt and lie around on the ground to kill time? Results before pride I say.

Headhunting Canuck said...

Should have started about half an hour ago if you asked me.

philip said...

If we haven't been laying and flopping around I'd put that down to poor coaching strategy. Should have tried to kill the game before they scored, now Mexico will score more on the couterattack.

philip said...

Wow! Canada scored? Was that a typo?

Headhunting Canuck said...

I don't make typos on goals... yes they actually did score... just to prove I'm not lying here's a link.

philip said...

Hey, I believe you, just a bit surprised.

In other news it is still 0-0 Jamaica Honduras.

Headhunting Canuck said...

Thanks Philip for your comments tonight, I love a lively comment board. As well as to susan and colin for there lovely input as well.

philip said...

Oh Canada! Why do you always get close and leave me disappointed ?

Headhunting Canuck said...

Because Canada likes to play with our minds... they keep coming so close and then just fall apart at the wrong time.

susan said...

i can't believe i am sitting here feeling what i felt saturday night. after that game, i was just sitting there stunned thinking it was over. and as we got closer to tonight, slowly started to convince myself that "no, wait! we still have a shot at this"...

and here i am depressed yet again.

oh canada.....

Jamie said...

Well done on the live blog. To echo Philip, and as another ex-pat (in Sweden), I say thanks!

Admittedly, I watched the highlights on Sportsnet first and wanted to blubber over my cereal. Reading your blog, & esp after about the 35 min mark, gave me a sense that there was actually a good game there.

A month until the rematch and hope, well, she was the maiden that slipped out in the night. Did we get her number?