Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Canada - Mexico live blog


15 October 2008

Commonwealth Stadium, Edmonton, Alberta
9 pm ET / 8 pm CT / 6 pm PT

Live on Sportsnet West & Pacific (digital cable only)

Other streaming options available at rojadirecta and myp2p.

While we wait for the starting lineups, let's learn about Mexican culture.

cha-lu-pa (n): boat shaped, fried corn-tortillas, garnished with sauce, lettuce and onions

If Canada gets 4 goals tonight, everyone gets free chalupas!

While some of us are still mourning this disaster of a qualifying campaign, others are looking ahead to the next time around. Unto the Dogs goes deep into which players might be part of the picture for 2014 qualifying. It's a must read.

Lineup for Canada:

CANADA: Hirschfeld, Stalteri, Hainault, Hastings, Klukowski, Serioux, Bernier, Harmse, De Jong, Radzinski, Gerba

Ignore the positions listed on that ESPN site. We all know that Gerba isn't a defender. Likely alignment is 4-4-2.

6th: I'm watching a stream right now (roommate has the tv right now, and what he is watching is surely more important). Canada is under siege. Expect it to stay that way.

11th: It looks like Serioux has taken over Stalteri's right back spot. Only 4 matches too late. Stalteri is playing in the centre of midfield with Harmse.

12th: HOLY SHIT!! Gerba scores on a 30-yard strike. He hurtles the ad boards and celebrates on the track. The supporters section is loving it. Bittersweet, but we'll take it. 1-0 CANADA! Sven-Goran looks worried.

Gerba forces a corner on another chance. It's early, but it looks to me like Mexico's central pairing can't handle Ali G.

20th: Gerba is feeling it. He just tried a bicycle kick, which was blocked by a defender.

Can anyone tell me what product "Bimbo" makes? The ads are all over the stadium. I hope someone in Canada is earning some coin on this Mexican corporate invasion.

29th: Unlike Saturday, Radzinski and Gerba seem to be on the same page. They nearly combined on a one-two sending in Ali G.

32nd: Hirschfeld makes a good punch on a cross, and seconds later De Jong clashes heads with Mexico's #6. Mexico gets a FK in a dangerous spot. Seeing the replay, it looks like Marcel got the ball. Bad call.

Mexico scores on the free kick, which was an absolute bullshit call.

40th: Mexico is back in control of the game. Let me state once again how terrible the call was that gave Mexico their goal.

42nd: Hirsch just made a huge leg save on a play that was clearly offside.

HALF TIME: It's 1-1, which is probably as good as anyone could hope for. Canada is running around a bit, but with the midfield they have out there, I'm not surprised. (Did you ever think you'd see a midfield of De Jong, Bernier, Stalteri, and Harmse in this campaign? Ouch!)

Once again, what an absolutely horrendous call on the de Jong foul that ended up with the free kick goal. Shocking, if this were not CONCACAF.

Looking at Canada's bench, players who should come on at some point in the 2nd half include McKenna (listed as F/D for this match), Iain Hume (if he and Mitchell are on speaking terms), and Charles Gbeke (late, for Radzinski, so Tomasz can get a proper send off).

I guess I missed it, but De Jong already was subbed out for Chris Pozniak after 39 minutes. I don't think he actually returned to the field after being elbowed in the head and whistled for a foul. That's a blow, because Poz, useful though he may be, doesn't have anything close to De Jong's offensive talent.

52nd: Gerba sends in a long cross field ball that isn't played well by the Mexican keeper, and Radzinski taps it in! He celebrates by posing shirtless by the corner flag, and I think I got a boner of happiness!


I know getting eliminated this early is worse than getting a sack of flour in the junk, but helping eliminate Mexico would be a nice consolation.

58th: Hirschfeld is on his game tonight. He just made a big save off a shot in the aftermath of a corner. If only he'd played in Toronto, that fateful night.

62nd: SON OF A TRANNY WHORE (just for you, Sven). Mexico equalizes on a perfect header. 2-2.

Radzinski has been causing more trouble. I'm going to miss that guy. Poz gets a boot to the hip, but gets up.

73rd: Still 2-2. Watching Radzinski try to combine with Pozniak is like a guy playing chess with another playing checkers.

14,000 fans in attendance, probably half Mexicans.

HOLY LORD! Stalteri off the bar from 40 yards.

Radzinski is running the show. I don't think I can say it any other way.

83rd: Bernier plays Radzinski in alone with a perfect ball, but Radz misses by a foot. That would have been a boner and a half.

If you've been following my live blogs, you know that I can't handle the last 10 minutes of a close match. But we have a break because Hirschfeld just knocked over Hastings. We're in the final minutes of time added on. Radzinski has been a virtuoso tonight.

OH FUCK. Kevin Harmse with a silly foul on the same spot where Mexico scored in the first half.

No dice, game over. I need a drink.


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anja said...

Just stumbled upon your blog. Finally a live blog for a Canada match! Keep it up. :)

phl said...

serioux is injured he'll probably come out.

Jamie said...

Brilliant reporting and a hope-filled result. THANKS!
Wish I could have been there live.
Any word on what the Voyageurs did as a send of for Radz?