Monday, October 20, 2008

Canadian content final report: Whitecaps edition

I reported on the Canadian content of teams competing for the Voyageurs Cup back in June and July. At the time, the intent was to get in a few digs at TFC, but ragging on them now is a bit like beating a dead horse. Still, I promised to provide some final numbers for the year.

It's a bit of a slog, and there are sure to be inaccuracies, but I've worked through the stats for the Vancouver Whitecaps. Here they are, quick and dirty:

Competition CDN Mins Total Mins % CDN
USL Regular Season 16558 29622 55.9%
USL Playoffs 3177 4912 64.7%
Voyageurs Cup 1962 3960 49.5%
Totals 21697 38494 56.4%

I used the USL stats page for USL regular season matches, and the Whitecaps match reports for USL playoffs and Voyageurs Cup (Nutrilite Canadian Championship) matches.

If you go back and compare these numbers to those compiled back in July, you'll notice that this time around the Whitecaps are listed as having a higher Canadian content ratio for their Voyageurs Cup matches this time around. I'm not certain of the reason, but I am more confident in the current numbers than the old ones. After I finish up with the Impact and Toronto FC, I'll fix the old tally.

Watch for final Canadian content stats for Toronto and Montreal when those teams complete their seasons.

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