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Live blog: Joe Public humiliation

Do you like that sweet before and after post title? I bet you did! Anyway, before I start riffing on Joe Public FC and their lame website, here are the details of tonight's match:


8 October 2008

Marvin Lee Stadium, Tunapuna, T & T
8 pm ET / 7 pm CT / 4 pm PT

Live on CBC Bold and streamed online at

Some pre-game thoughts . . .
  • Tunapuna??! Are you kidding me?
  • Montreal can win their group if everything falls into place today. Who would have thought that when the groups were drawn? They're like the anti-Canada.
  • This is the 42nd (43rd?) competitive match for the Impact this season.
  • The Joe Public manager claimed his side would win 4-0 in a news conference following the match back in September at Saputo, won by the Impact 2-0.
  • On the website: I'm no expert on web design, but I'm certain that neon green is unattractive and off-putting, no matter how you use it. In combination with red and blue, it is simply ghastly.

The Montreal Impact website provides a live tracker for all of their matches (click on "Sommaire du match" or flip to the English version of the website and find it yourself).

The starting lineup (for Montreal, I could care less about Joe Public's eleven)

IMPACT: Matt Jordan, Leonardo di Lorenzo, Simon Gatti, Cedric Joqueviel, Stefano Pesoli, Tony Donatelli, Sandro Grande, Rocco Placentino, David Testo, Peter Byers, Joey Gjertsen.

Uncharacteristically for Montreal there are only 3 Canadians among the starters (Grande, Placentino, Gatti). However, 5 of the 7 bench players are Canadian.

(Look for an in-depth post on the Canadian content at the Canadian pro clubs this season, once WCQ is over).

By the way, did you know that Midnight Madness is on right now at The Brick?

1st minute: Nigel informs me that this game isn't in Tunapuna, but at the main stadium in Port of Spain. This is a place of bad results for Canadian national teams, but I think the Impact will reverse the Trini voodoo.

Jason de Vos calls Figuero, the Joe Public keeper, a "mistake waiting to happen". It reminds me of when I was in elementary school and kept calling my friend an "overweight mistake" until he threatened to tell. Both are harsh, although de Vos seems to have some evidence for his assertion.

5th: Placentino scores! The shot goes right through the net, even though there wasn't a lot of power on it. Donatelli made a good cross, but the defending was pretty bad. I don't think it's likely that the Impact will be beaten by 4 goals. 1 - 0 Impact

: The Impact play some really scrambly house league style defense, and the ball falls to a JP player who ties it up. 1 - 1. It really would be a shame not to get the full 3 points from this match, considering the last two group stage matches are against tougher opponents.

: The play isn't the smoothest, but there's certainly a lot of action in this one. Di Lorenzo whips a sweet cross across the field, and then Donatelli scores on a nice left-footed shot from outside the box. 2-1 Impact.

: Joe Public are so vulnerable on the counterattack it's not even funny. . . OK, it's funny. I wish I could come up with some "How vulnerable are they?" one-liners that aren't outrageously offensive.

: There are a lot of Italian names on this Impact team. Donatelli, Grande, Pesoli, Di Lorenzo. And Placentino, of course.

: Montreal is starting to become disorganized at the back and Limniatis is starting to lose his shit. Causation or correlation?

: Grande-Gjertsen-Byers-GOAL! I think I popped a little boner on the sweet pass by Grande. Canada could use that kind of skill couldn't they? 3-1 Impact.

: I get the impression there aren't a lot of readers for this one. Maybe I'll get back to my schoolwork for a bit.

: I bagged the homework for now and watched the 2nd half. There wasn't a lot in it, as Montreal sat back comfortably and waited out Joe Public. Donatelli eventually got another goal on a slick set up from Gjertsen and some indecisive keeping from Public's Figueroa.

4-1 final. Nigel and Jason were discussing where Montreal will play if they go through (which now is all but a certainty) when the quarterfinals are held in February. Olympic Stadium being the answer they offered. I'm not big on soccer being played indoors and on an artificial surface, but as much of waste of taxpayer's money that that stadium has been, it sure looks nice.


That would look awfully nice with about 40,000 black and blue clad Impact supporters.

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