Saturday, October 18, 2008

Moments like these . . .

. . . are the reason that we can wait 4 years between meaningful matches without going crazy.

I'm not sure if I managed to make it completely clear during the live blog, but Tomasz Radzinski was brilliant against Mexico on Wednesday. He had mused beforehand about that being his final match for Canada and, if so, what a way to go out. (It was pretty convenient for him to get a yellow card for his shirtless goal celebration, thus earning a suspension and making the question of calling him up against Jamaica moot). If only he could have slid his last attempt a foot or two to the right and he would have had the game winner as well. Tomasz is 34, so it makes sense for him to exit stage right, but he was also the best player on the pitch for Canada, and seemed full of energy. In theory, I'm all for getting the next generation some experience in preparation for qualifying for 2014, but if Radzinski made himself available for next year's Gold Cup, I'd call him up in a second.

Here is the second to last edition of the WCQ 2010 stats:
Player Start Sub Mins Goals Yellow Red
Paul Stalteri 7
Mike Klukowski 7
Adrian Serioux 6
540 1 2
Atiba Hutchinson 6
Tomasz Radzinski 6
457 1 2
Dwayne De Rosario 5
450 2 2
Julian de Guzman 5
407 1 1
Ali Gerba 4 3 404 6

Richard Hastings 5 1 363

Lars Hirschfeld 4

Patrice Bernier 4 2 316
2 1
Pat Onstad 3

Issey Nakajima-Farran 3
240 1

Rob Friend 3 2 237

Andre Hainault 2
180 1

Kevin Harmse 2
Iain Hume
4 155
Jim Brennan 1 3 135

Marcel de Jong 2 1 123

Adrian Cann 1

Kevin McKenna 1

Chris Pozniak
1 51

Olivier Occean
1 9

Charles Gbeke
1 1

A few points:
  • Like Radzinski, our boy Klukowski is suspended for the Jamaica match. So nobody will pass Paul Stalteri in minutes played in this campaign (he has played every second so far). Stalteri -- against all odds -- has avoided suspension in the 7 matches to date.
  • Ali Gerba's 6 goals in this campaign are the most ever in a qualifying year, all the more impressive as it took only 7 games. We can also put to rest the notion that he only scores against minnow stations; his 6 goals include 2 against Mexico.
  • The midfielders that finished the match against Mexico, Canada's best result, were Paul Stalteri, Patrice Bernier, Kevin Harmse, and Chris Pozniak. Think about that.
Highlights of the match:

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Clint said...

That photo of shirtless Radz is primo! And gotta love the fact that the score in the corner is 2-1 CANADA. Yes, moments like that indeed.