Wednesday, October 08, 2008

A penny for your thoughts (and other thoughts)

Who does he think he is with no sleeves? Rafael Nadal?

Brennan quits national men's soccer team
(yesterday, the headlines for the same article read "Brennan demands changes to national soccer team" which was a bit rich for a guy on the way out).

What do you think?

Other bloggers speak:

The Footie Fool:
If there wasn’t so much dirt swirling around the CSA and Dale Mitchell’s relationship with the team, then you could write off Brennan’s comments as sour grapes. He has been called away from TFC and, some would argue, has been underutilized when called during this WCQ campaign. But because the persistent rumblings of mismanagement, both on and off the pitch, keep swirling around, you have to think that Brennan is not the only one harbouring these types of feelings towards both the CSA and Mitchell.
Or, if you prefer, his much shorter analysis that he posted in the comments here: "Good points. Bad timing. Nice tat's."

Joe Ross at the Score:
I've have some mixed feelings about this outburst. On one hand, I applaud any effort by a Canadian player to call out how crappy the set-up is at the CSA.


On the other hand - last time I checked - Canada's actually still in this thing, despite all the doom and gloom. Yeah, I don't really think they'll qualify. But I'm saying there's a chance.

And if there still is a chance, it's not really the right time to throw the coach under the bus and perhaps further unsettle the squad - especially when he's getting criticism from almost every corner of the Canadian soccer media. Perhaps waiting until they are mathematically eliminated would have been more helpful to the cause.
This is all sound and reasonable analysis, which tends not to be much fun.

I was trying to come up with a good analogy (sports, politics, movies, or otherwise) that would best convey the idea of a fringe contributor with a bad attitude lashing out at the coach after he had not been called up. The problems with the CSA are obvious and known to many, and I'm sure Brennan isn't alone in his views among the players. But Brennan doesn't come off looking good on this one, and I'm sure some other national teamers won't appreciate having their efforts sandbagged in this way either.

I suppose it all comes back to Mike Klukowski who was snatched the left back role and will beat all comers who try to take it away.

Last but not least, Fire Dale! Well, maybe not. Or not for this reason. But I was sure Mitchell would listen to my quite logical argument that Will Johnson should be the one called into the squad to replace Julian de Guzman (injured). But Mitchell, in his finite wisdom, has selected Nik Ledgerwood instead. The article begins thusly:
Ein weiterer Löwe auf dem Weg zur Weltmeisterschaft 2010 in Südafrika? Nikolas Ledgerwood wurde kurzfristig für die Qualifikations-Länderspiele der kanadischen A-Nationalmannschaft gegen Honduras und Mexiko nachnominiert.

Auf dem Weg zur WM 2010 treffen die „Ahornblätter" am 11. Oktober auf Honduras und am 15. Oktober in Edmonton auf Mexiko. Nationaltrainer Dale Mitchell nominierte den 23-jährigen Mittelfeldspieler des TSV 1860 für das Team Canada, dem auch der Gladbacher Rob Friend und der Ex-Bremer Paul Stalteri angehören. Ledgerwood rückte als Ersatzmann nach, flog am Mittwoch über Miami umgehend zur Nationalmannschaft.
Babelfish is your friend.

And as much as I thought that the logic behind a Johnson callup was overwhelming, I have to give Mitchell and the CSA credit for calling in an extra midfielder, instead of cheaping out and playing with a short bench.

Please don't forget: The Impact may be out of the USL championships after being beaten by Vancouver, but they are still in excellent shape in the Concacaf Champions League. A win in tonight's match (CBC Bold,, 8 pm ET) against Joe Public of Trinidad combined with a good result in their group's other match would clinch a spot for Montreal in the next round.

I might be up for providing a live blog of sorts, complete with questionable remarks about Trinis and one-sided commentary, if I can get through a pile of schoolwork in the next few hours.

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Good points. Bad timing. Nice tat's.