Sunday, October 12, 2008

Post mortem

Canada won't qualify for South Africa 2010. In fact, if you don't count Gold Cups, Canada won't play a meaningful match until 2012.

It's Thanksgiving, which is supposed to be a fairly upbeat holiday, what with the gratitude and all. For that reason, I'll avoid too much negativity in this post. Instead, I'll leave it to the pros.
It's not your fault, Mike.

CBC: World Cup disappointment: Canada just isn't good enough (Jason De Vos)

CBC: Canada eliminated from World Cup contention (Just the facts in this one)

Globe & Mail: Time to abolish the CSA (Ben Knight)

Edmonton Journal: Mitchell should pay price for failed World Cup bid

If you read just one article, choose the De Vos one. He's the only guy to admit that the players, as well as Mitchell and the CSA, need to shoulder some of the blame for this embarrassment.

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Jamie said...

If there is anything positive to draw from this qualifying campaign, I believe it is the internet... The Voyageurs have impressed me to realised that Canada actually has some real fans that can mobilize... and yours, among other, blogs engaged my intrest and provided a place where we can all wallow in the mediocrity.
Brazil 2014 sounds nice...