Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesday afternoon roundup

I know that the odds and ends/roundup format is just about the laziest thing a blogger can do. However, there are a bunch of things worth mentioning, but not deserving of their own post. So, bulleted list, here we come:
  • The Canadian players vs Mitchell soap opera becomes more interesting every day. Rob Friend has caused a bit of a stir in a Bild article (auf Deutsch) where he says he won't play for Canada again, as long as Dale Mitchell is in charge. I like Friend a lot as a player, but if playing time is the issue, it's hard to argue with Ali Gerba's production.
  • The Montreal Impact finish out their 2008 season tonight in Cancun. The match has significance with respect to seeding for the quarterfinal round of the CONCACAF Champions League. A win or draw, and Montreal finishes as first seed; a loss and they are second. A preview (francais) suggests an interesting starting lineup for Montreal, with several key players (Matt Jordan, Nevio Pizzolito among them) being given the night off. (9 pm ET 10 pm ET; CBC Bold / CBCSports.ca)
  • My Canadian content post has quickly become one of this blog's most viewed, thanks to a bit of spamming on my part, and links from a few other soccer websites and forums. But it's still lagging way behind this post, which gets a lot of Google Image hits. The Canadian content table will be finalized after tonight's match.
  • I watched the World Futsal finals on CBC this weekend. I don't get the hype. It's like basketball, but less interesting. The penalty shootout, on the other hand, is a thing to behold. Keepers, with no gloves, facing blasts from about 7 yards.
If you can, watch the Impact match tonight. It will be the second last involving a Canadian team in '08 (Canada - Jamaica on November 19th will be the last), and probably the more likely of the two to feature a Canadian side winning.

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