Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Vancouver Whitecaps: Canada's most Canadian pro team!

* * * ALL DATA NOW FINAL! * * *

I mentioned in my previous post that I would reprise the Canadian content theme when Toronto FC and the Montreal Impact finished up their final matches of the season. But the combined appeal of messing around with spreadsheets and avoiding homework was too much. While I waited for last night's episode of Survivor to download (sue me --- not for downloading copyrighted material, I mean, but for liking such a played out reality TV concept), I crunched the numbers for Montreal and Toronto. The nearly final tables (to be updated when Toronto and Montreal play their final matches on Saturday and Tuesday respectively) are as follows:
So, in addition to being USL Champions, the Whitecaps are winners by virtue of having deployed the most Canadian lineup over the course of the season.

Competition CDN Mins Total Mins % CDN
USL Regular Season 16558 29622 55.9%
USL Playoffs 3177 4912 64.7%
Voyageurs Cup 1962 3960 49.5%
Totals 21697 38494 56.4%

Competition CDN Mins Total Mins % CDN
USL Regular Season 13262 29502 45.0%
USL Playoffs 1932 3940 49.0%
Voyageurs Cup 1878 3923 47.9%
CONCACAF Champions League 3216 7920 40.6%
Totals 20288 45285 44.8%

Competition CDN Mins Total Mins % CDN
MLS Regular Season 6706 29596 22.7%
Voyageurs Cup 725 3960 18.3%
Totals 7431 33556 22.1%

The numbers speak for themselves, but allow me to get a word in edgewise:
  • Across the three teams, the Nutrilite Canadian Championship, aka Voyageurs Cup, had the lowest Canadian participation rate (39% compared to 41% for regular season matches and 58% for USL playoffs)
  • Only 5 Canadian players for Toronto FC played more than 100 minutes on the season
  • By way of comparison, Toronto's 22.5% Canadian ratio in regular season play is only 8% higher than that achieved by the Houston Dynamo, with 2 Canadian players.
Final numbers will follow when the final whistle has blown on Montreal and Toronto's seasons.

2008.10.26 update: Numbers for Toronto FC above are now final.

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