Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Canada - Jamaica: How to watch, Long version

Canada's final qualifier of the 2010 cycle is tonight. It's not on TV in Canada. It is in Jamaica, and potentially elsewhere. The internet is a worldwide information network that connects people in different countries. Using this system, it is sometimes possible to share different types of information, including television broadcasts.

Consult these sites later this evening for possible internet live streaming video links:


If you're interested in poking around enemy territory, the Reggae Boyz themselves (that is, their fans) are keeping an eye on online streams. Further possibilites include:

A uStream channel for Canada - Jamaica

Likely any stream that is working close to game time will be pointed out at the Voyageurs forum.

The CSA, as it does for all matches, is taking full advantage of the world of possibilities offered by the internet by allowing readers to follow the action in painstaking detail by refreshing a web page.

The starting XI: Hirschfeld, Cann, Hainault, Ledgerwood, Pozniak, Nakajima-Farran, Harmse, Johnson, Stalteri, de Jong, Gbeke.

Jamaica 3 - 2 Canada (Honduras and Mexico to advance)

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Anonymous said...

You can at least listen to the game here.