Thursday, November 13, 2008

How Mitchell are you? Take the quiz!

That's right. Cosmo isn't the only place where you can take a quiz to find out all about yourself. Take the quiz, and find out how much of an inner Mitchell you really have.

Here's how it works: Since we've been waiting endlessly for the roster for next week's Jamaica WCQ (although it stretches the truth to suggest this match has anything to do with Qing for the WC for Canada), I've been cobbling together an imaginary roster for Canada in my head.

To play along, you need only do the following:
  • Conceive of a 16 or 18 man roster that could theoretically be called and announced tomorrow (we have word that we will know by Friday afternoon who the players are)
  • Compare your selections to Mitchell's. Award yourself a point for each 'match' (a player who appears on both lists)
  • Use the handy-dandy scoring guide below to find out how much like our man Mitchell you really are.

Scoring Guide:
  • 0-3 points: You have little in common with Dale Mitchell, but you also seem to have lost touch with reality. You have selected players that don't belong in a Canadian kit, or are currently feuding with DM.
  • 4-6 points: The Mitchell force is weak with you. You likely only selected the obvious candidates (Stalteri, Lars), missing out on the roster filler that will make up the bulk of this squad.
  • 7-10 points: You are Stephen Hart. Like Mitchell, only less qualified, yet somehow better.
  • 11-14: Your proclivities are frighteningly close to the manager's. Only some small force, be it reason, or unreasonable optimism, has kept you from submitting an entirely Mitchellian lineup.
  • 15+: You better look out. You are about to be fired. You are Dale.

And it wouldn't be fair if I didn't submit myself to this kind of scrutiny and intense self-analysis, so here is my hypothetical roster. Check back tomorrow for the quiz results.

Lars Hirschfeld (G)
Asmir Begovic (G)
Paul Stalteri (D)
Chris Pozniak (D/M)
David Edgar (D)
Kevin Harmse (D/M)
Dejan Jakovic (D/M)
Adrian Cann (D) - confirmed
Nikolas Ledgerwood (D/M) - confirmed
Ethan Gage (M)
Sandro Grande (M)
Marcel de Jong (M)
Andrew Ornoch (M/F) - confirmed
Ali Gerba (F)
Olivier Occean (F)
Simeon Jackson (F)

UPDATE: Check out the actual roster (and check back soon for a more extensive post on the matter). I scored a somewhat frightening 13 points.

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Footie Fool said...

Ohhh, fun! I'd like to see Sandro Grande get a shot.