Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hume hurts head, hopsitalized

Hume in hospital with head injury

Don't take the alliteration as a sign I don't take this situation seriously. Whatever I may think about Iain Hume's underwhelming performances for Canada in the past, he has always answered the call and plays with his heart on his sleeve. And he's the last player you'd want to see victimized by typical lower division thuggery.

This is old news already, and the regular suspects have already weighed in (24th minute, The Footy blog).

Youtube has removed the two videos of the incident that had been posted so I still haven't seen it. The offender was assessed a yellow on the play, but likely deserved worse.

If you find a video, post a link in the comments.

15.11.2008: Thanks to FF in the comments for posting the link to the following vid

It's rather lo-fi, but it's more than enough to expose Chris Morgan's thuggery. All the best to Iain Hume in his recovery. Hume, apparently, had received and answered Dale Mitchell's call for Wednesday's Jamaica match, and would have been an important player in that ragtag side.

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Footie Fool said...

Quality sucks, but you get an idea. http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=w-UOngEsutI