Sunday, November 09, 2008

Mitchell's eleven

For a variety of reasons, it is unlikely that most of Canada's biggest names will answer the call for the World Cup Qualifying wrap party on Wednesday 19 November in Kingston, Jamaica. Most of these players are probably justified in abstaining from this one, which is disappointing. Still somewhat exciting is the chance to see some new faces wearing a Canadian shirt. (But who wears a shirt on their face?!)

The roster for Jamaica isn't likely to feature such an all star cast.

The CSA will probably release their roster the usual 4 or 5 days ahead of time, but a perusal of a few club websites has resulted in a few confirmations.


Adrian Cann
(Esbjerg fB / 28 years old / 3 caps)

We've seen what Adrian has to offer in a few low key friendlies and the second leg of the St Vincent series. The fact that a man who is nearly 30 is still toiling for the reserves for a team in Denmark should tell you how likely he is to become a key fixture of the Canada squad in the future.

Andrew Ornoch (Esbjerg fB / 23 years old / 1 cap)

Andrew impressed relatively recently at the U23 world cup qualifying tournament, and plays for the same Esbjerg reserve squad as Cann. Ornoch, though, is a player riding an upwards career arc, and has scored 7 goals in 4 reserve games, although the club lists him as a midfielder. His one cap was a cameo appearance in Hungary where he was the most conveniently located player to fill a roster spot.

[Source: Adrian og Andrew udtaget til A-landsholdet]

Nikolas Ledgerwood (1860 Munchen / 23 years old / 1 cap)

Ledgerwood has 1 cap and has been called into the squad for a few other matches. At one point he looked a likely candidate to take over the RB spot from Stalteri, but he has lately been playing in midfield for his club. If he starts or playsat all in Kingston, I'd imagine he'll be in midfield again.

[Source: Ledgerwood in die Karibik]

Although none of these players would be popping their MNT cherry, it would be really interesting to see what Ornoch and Ledgerwood in particular have to offer.


It sucks to be playing the kind of matches where it actually makes sense to play an experimental roster, but that's probably what we should get used to over the next few years. I really have no idea who Dale Mitchell will summon to fill out an 18-man roster but if (the royal) we were running the show, we'd get these people on the phone.

David Edgar (Newcastle FC / 21 years old / 0 caps)

Edgar is a player that we've all been expecting big things from, but in the chances he's been given this year with Newcastle, he hasn't been too impressive. Still, it would be nice to see what he can do for Canada. With McKenna, Brennan, Klukowski and probably Hastings out for the Jamaica match, bodies who play defense will be in demand.

Asmir Begovic (Portsmouth FC / 21 years old / 0 caps)

Begovic recently completed a successful loan spell with Yeovil Town FC. Hirschfeld is looking for games so he probably wouldn't say no to a Mitchell phone call, but Begovic would serve as well as any as a backup.

Will Johnson (Real Salt Lake / 21 years old / 4 caps)

Johnson has been getting regular work for Real Salt Lake in their push towards and into the playoffs. The problem is that yesterday they advanced to the next round, so RSL management likely won't be keen to let Will go.

Simeon Jackson (Gillingham FC / 21 years old / 0 caps)

He's young, he plays at a similar level to our man Gerba, and he has Jamaican heritage. Seems a good time to give him a start.

David Hoilett (FC St. Pauli / 19 years old / 0 caps)

See above, except there are rumours that he's not keen to represent Canada because he was cut from a provincial team as a tween.

Besides these names, expect to see a few 'older' faces, like Kevin Harmse, Chris Pozniak, Paul Stalteri, Olivier Occean . . . and even with these, I'm not so sure.

If you're digging through the club sites and have found any other confirmed invitees, let me know.


Colin Smith said...

I would love to see Simeon Jackson get a call-up. I haven't heard much about him since he moved to Gillingham.
It's a real shame about Hume this week. I hope he makes a quick recovery and has no long-term damage. He was fun, though sometimes frustrating to watch, during the WCQ.
Hainault will probably get another chance and I think McKenna has recovered from injury, he came on as a sub last weekend.

J said...

My understanding is that McKenna was one of the players that had taken a dump on Mitchell in the press and wouldn't be saying yes to call-ups as long as Dale was still in charge.

The Hume thing is terrible. I haven't yet seen the video, as the previous one was removed by youtube.