Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New poll, not the same as the old poll

To avoid descending into irrelevance (I'm listening to Coldplay right now, so I'm pretty close already) I've updated the poll -- look in the sidebar to the right.

The old question asked who Canada's leading goal scorer would be in the semifinal round of World Cup qualifying. 20 out of 25 voters (myself included) were way off track by going with De Rosario and Friend (a whopping 0 goals between the two). 4 correctly picked Ali Gerba who paced the team with 2 goals.

The new question (results so far) is simple: When will Canada play its next match? With nothing important to play for until the Gold Cup in 2009, and a murky coaching situation, I doubt booking friendlies will be a high priority for the big thinkers at the CSA.

If you're looking for something thoughtful to read about the MNT and the recent qualifying failure, look no further than Unto the Dog's cogent analysis.

Other news:
  • The Seattle MLS expansion entry had their pick of the runts of other teams' litters, and selected Jarrod Smith from TFC. I was rooting for them to pick one of TFC's unprotected Canadians, which would force Mo Johnston to find some talentless bum Canadian somewhere else to sign. But getting rid of the Kiwi Lombardo (credit to a poster on the Voyageurs forum for this hilarious and seemingly delicious moniker) is probably the best they could have hoped for from the draft.
  • Iain Hume is back in hospital, which is anything but good news. The Footie Fool (the 'ie' ending always makes me want to write "footsie") and the Footy Blog have the details.
  • Canada has a high-stakes showdown with Germany at the U-20 World Cup tomorrow afternoon. has the action beginning at 4:50 pm ET Thursday, which is good because most workplaces won't filter out CBC content. Winner advances to the knockout stages; a draw and Germany goes through, I think.

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