Friday, December 05, 2008

2008: The Year That Was - January, February, and March

A meaningful retrospective, or a cynical attempt to get readers to poke around looking at some of my older content? You decide!

An inexhaustive selection of posts from the first 3 months of '08.


2008.01.01 - Canada's 2007 fixtures: The title says it all. Just the facts here. Expect the same type of review on 2009.01

2008.01.08 - POTY and other detritus: About Julian for Player of the Year (expect a similar outcome shortly), and a short-lived Ali Gerba transfer to FC Ingolstadt.

2008.01.17 - POTY, again: The CSA weighs in on the player of the year debate, and goes with De Rosario.

2008.01.20 - Island swapping: Maybe a sign of things to come -- a proposed friendly with St. Lucia fell through, with the CSA turning to Martinique to fill a spot on the dance card.


2008.02.03 - MNT Winter Wrap-up: A run down of stats following Canada's matches against Martinique and Danish side Velje. Look at the roster, and it looks startlingly similar to that which was trotted out against the final qualifier against Jamaica, a fact that would have terrified me at the time.

It wasn't meant to be, I guess.

2008.02.06 - So long: Goodbye JDG2.

2008.02.26 - Canadian depth chart: Wings: There was a time when I thought I knew who was best for Canada. If I look back, I'm surprised to learn that a lot of my judgments hold true. Dig in the archives for depth musings at other positions.


2008.03.12 - U23: Canada - Mexico live blog: This was the first of many live blogs in this space in '08, and the first of 4 in the qualifying tournament for the Beijing Olympics, where Canada eventually lost out to the USA. The other U23 liveblogs: Haiti, Guatemala, USA.

2008.03.26 - Canada - Estonia redux: I watched this match, played in a blizzard in Tallinn, surreptiously while ostensibly observing a computer classroom as part of my student teaching assignment. It was barely worth it.

These were optimistic times, but looking back it is hard to understand why. The U23 side managed a few good results, but needed a heroic performance from a Haitian goalkeeper in a blowout loss against Mexico to qualify from their group. The men's side played three matches in these three months: one against a Danish club side on a Caribbean vacation, one against non-FIFA sanctioned Martinique (a narrow 1-0 win), and the 2-0 loss in the snow in Tallinn. If that doesn't get your soccer boner burstin', I don't blame you.

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