Tuesday, December 16, 2008

2008: The Year That Was - July, August, and September

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2008.07.04 - The Voyageurs Cup: With no matches between St. Vincent and Jamaica at the end of August, July was much like the calm before the shitstorm that was the semi-final round of World Cup qualifiers. This gave me time to turn my attention to other things, including the Voyageurs Cup / Nutrilite Canadian Championships, which was in mid-stream by this point. Included in this post is a deft Home Improvement analogy to explain the relative place of Canada's pro clubs which ultimately falls apart since Montreal (Taran Noah Smith, youngest brother and child star freakshow) ends up winning the whole thing.

2008.07.05 - VCup Canadian Content: My first foray into becoming the soccer version of the CRTC began with this humble look at how many Canadian players were seeing the pitch in the tournament. Later that month followed an update post, and a final accounting, though when I went back a few months later to compile the full season totals, I think I ended up with a different set of numbers.

2008.07.16 - WCQ Opponent Preview: Jamaica: I also used this downtime to do a little archival research and learn a bit about our WCQ opponents and historical head-to-head records. This data (I posted on Honduras and Mexico as well) likely made me a little more hopeful than I should have been.


2008.08.04 - Canada all-time in WCQ: The numbers speak for themselves. Read them and weep.

2008.08.06 - MNT adopt-a-player: An admission of man-love for the mullet and a Luciano Borsato reference in the same post. A must read. And as much as WCQ sucked, I was happy with my choice of Klukowski for adoption.

The man, the mullet, the legend.

2008.08.09 - Liveblogging the ladies: Canada vs China: The women's olympic tournament provided a nice diversion in the leadup to the Jamaica match. The hours sucked, and so too did the commentary at times, but I powered through. (Other olympic liveblogs included: Canada vs Sweden, and Canada vs USA)

The face of summer was a lot nicer before the semi-final round began

2008.08.20 - Canada vs Jamaica Live Blog Full Game: Mercifully, in retrospect, I was in semi-wilderness and away from a TV for the days preceding and following the match. I handed off blogging duties to the able Headhunting Canuck who pitched in one of the more widely read posts this blog has seen. Upon my return, I chipped in a tape delayed live blog, which kind of set the tone for all of WCQ.


2008.09.06 - Canada-Honduras live blog: I started the month with a week of anticipation leading up to the clash in Montreal with Honduras. This is where it went from bad to worse, and the fact I didn't update between the 2-1 goal and the end of the match shows how stressed, frustrated, and likely drunk I was.

2008.09.07 - Taking stock: Contemplating life, Canada national team supporter misery, and seeing the end.

2008.09.08 - The Mike Report: The only thing to keep my spirits up was to pat myself on the back for choosing Klukowski, one of only a few players to bring some semblance of an 'A' game. The others are graded more harshly.

2008.09.10 - Canada vs Mexico LiveBlog: Headhunting Canuck held the reins on this one, and did a fine job. Canada did not. Goodbye South Africa.

2008.09.11 - Qualification so far: In a word, putrid shit. Or two words.

2008.09.30 - Stir crazy: Supporting Canada makes you crazy, and this post is evidence. I pimped John Limniatis to replace Dale Mitchell, and suggested Will Johnson and Sandro Grande should be called up (which eventually happened for the Jamaica game in Kingstown).

This has honestly been a painful exercise. I've got the week off (actually 3), and have been enjoying the warm fuzzies that are the episodes of Friday Night Lights season 3, so reliving this past summer has come as a bit of a shock to the system.

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