Friday, December 26, 2008


*** Leedvermaak is a Dutch word for Schadenfreude, which is a German term to describe, amont other things, the feeling I get watching something like this. It's use here is only partly in jest.

For obvious reasons, I haven't been following the career of Julian's little brother Jonathan de Guzman very closely of late. But I noticed his mug on the front page of the Eredivisie website, and upon investigation learned that Jono will be on the shelf for a time.

The article in question is a short one:
De Guzman begint 2009 met operatie
26 december 2008

Jonathan de Guzman start het jaar 2009 met een operatie aan zijn knie, zo meldt Feyenoord vrijdag op zijn website. De middenvelder heeft al geruime tijd last van zijn meniscus. Eerder zag het er naar uit dat De Guzman niet onder het mes hoefde, maar door het herstel is nu alsnog besloten om de speler op 5 januari te opereren.

De speler van Jong Oranje kwam dit seizoen nog maar tot twee competitieduels. Begin december kwam hij voor het laatst in actie in een wedstrijd van Jong Feyenoord.

A rough translation (my own):
Jonathan de Guzman will begin the year 2009 with an operation on his knee, according to Feyenoord's website on Friday. The midfielder had been experiencing problems with his miniscus. At first it appeared that de Guzman would not have to go under the knife, but after this setback a decision was made to operate on January 5th.

The Oranje youth player only played in two competitive matches this season. He played for the last time for Feyenoord reserves at the beginning of December.
Now, I've experienced significant knee ligament injuries myself, so I'm not one to actually take pleasure in this situation (at least not any more pleasure than I would normally derive from an injury to a player for the Feyenoord scum). But I'd like you to note his career arc: Jonathan chooses Holland, finishes a mostly successful season for Feyenoord, fails to win a medal for Holland at Beijing, and then struggles with injury and form for half a season with a Rotterdam team struggling in the bottom half of the table, before going under the knife.

Couple that with Owen Hargreaves' career-threatening knee condition and you see a pattern developing: if you turn your back on Canada, your knee will explode!

(Of course, in the case of Hargreaves, he has had a few minor accomplishments after the traitorous decision: 2 Champions League wins ('01 and '08), playing in a few World Cups, you get the idea . . .)

* * * * *

The reason I was consulting the Eredivisie site in the first place was to get a rundown of the final set of matches before the winter break. But let me ask you: why use the internet for something an antiquated European television news delivery mechanism can do just as well?

The week's matches (and no, I didn't snap a photo of a TV in Holland somewhere; Paint simply mangled the screen capture somehow)

AZ still leads the proceedings and play on Sunday along with nearest chasers, the New York Yankees of Dutch football, Ajax. myp2p should have links to all of this weekend's matches.


squizz said...

"Couple that with Owen Hargreaves' career-threatening knee condition and you see a pattern developing: if you turn your back on Canada, your knee will explode!" Ha ha, I was thinking the exact same thing while reading. Take heed, Junior Hoilett!

J said...

Great minds . . .