Thursday, December 18, 2008

Stalteri to Borussia Moenchengladbach

There is some interesting news coming out of Germany.

From Bild:
Gladbach-Manager Max Eberl bestätigte gestern: „Wir sind uns mit drei Spielern einig. Noch können wir aber keinen Vollzug melden.“

Weil in allen drei Fällen noch die Ablöse-Modalitäten geklärt werden müssen.

[. . .]

Paul Stalteri (31): Der Kapitän der kanadischen Nationalmannschaft (dort spielt er mit Rob Friend zusammen) spielte von 1998 bis 2005 für Werder in der Bundesliga. In Tottenham versauert er nun aber auf der Bank. Bei Borussia soll er die Probleme auf der rechten Abwehrseite beheben.
The fish offers a sort of translation.
Gladbach manager max of Eberl confirmed yesterday: „We are us with three players united. Still we can announce however no execution. “Because in all three cases still the replacement modalities to be clarified must.

Paul Stalteri (31): The captain of the Canadian national team (it plays there with Rob Friend together) played from 1998 to 2005 for Werder in the federal league. In Tottenham it versauert now however in the bank. With Borussia it is to repair the problems on the right defense side.
I don't think it could be any clearer!

Ok, so it's not a done deal, but if it goes through this is, for me, one of the better player moves involving a Canadian in 2008. Stalteri was doing nothing with Tottenham the last season and a half, and his lack of playing time showed when it came time for qualifying. I'm also a fan of multiple Canadian players on the same team in Europe, so I have fewer teams to follow. Plus I don't like watching the EPL.

Unfortunately, for fans of the Canadian MNT, this is happening two years too late. Stalteri is too old to be considered an important part of the team in 2012 when critical matches will next be played. At least he should be in decent form for next year's Gold Cup.

More player of the year stuff: The Voyageurs have their own contest for player of the year. I announced that Ali Gerba was my choice for the CSA Fan's Choice award, but given more time to think about things and the flexibility of a preferential ballot, I voted 1-Radzinski; 2-Gerba; 3-de Guzman.

FIFA rankings: It's been a while since I devoted any attention at all to the FIFA rankings. In the latest edition, Canada has fallen to 90th overall, and 9th in CONCACAF. 8 months ago I was arguing that Canada's relatively high ranking (4th or 5th in CONCACAF) was part of the reason that their qualifying group was a Group of Death, in addition to the strong positions of Mexico, Honduras, and Jamaica. Now, I have a hard time disputing Canada's placing.

Sure, we'd probably win a tournament with T&T, Cuba, and Panama (currently 6th to 8th in the region) based on quality, but we haven't done anything on the pitch to merit a good reputation.

FIFA : CONCACAF : Country : Points
22 1 USA 853
26 2 Mexico 811
40 3 Honduras 689
53 4 Costa Rica 578
65 5 Jamaica 487
77 6 Trinidad and Tobago 459
79 7 Cuba 439
88 8 Panama 413
90 9 Canada 410
102 10 Haiti 357


Clint said...

Just when things looked like they might be picking up for Paul with Harry Rednapp and Spurs. Although a move back to Germany would be great for Paul. Has he announced his retirement from the MNT? I suspect he may have a few more games in him for the MNT.

J said...

Things may be "picking up" with Redknapp, in that the new manager might actually know who Stalteri is. But the way I see it he is still well down the depth chart, while Borussia is a bottom-dwelling 1. Bundesliga team with defensive issues. Stalteri's solid but unspectacular play (and this is the impression most German fans have from his Bremen days) is exactly the medicine Borussia may need.

As for his MNT career, I don't see Paul turning down a call any time soon, and as long as Mitchell (or Hart) is running the show, I don't see why Canada would stop calling. Plus I'm sure Stalteri is aware that he is only 9 caps behind Randy Samuel on the all-time chart. As much as I sometimes rag on him for his uneven play for Canada, Paul is a dedicated servant and I'd be happy to see him at the top of the list.