Thursday, January 15, 2009

2" Radzinski contest RESULTS

After receiving entries numbering in the low to high single digits for the 2" Radzinski contest, we have our winner.

Here is the winning submission:
This is why I should receive a 2 inch doll of Tomasz Radzinski. I have the double misfortune of being a fan of the Canadian MNT (since those heady days of 2000) and captain of a woefully underperforming university intramural team down in the states: we are graduate students trying to keep up with undergraduates, and we never live up to our promise. Anyways, I think that what our team needs is a mascot, and a 2 inch Radz doll would be perfect. What I would do is, every time the team wins a game (assuming we win a game), at our post-game drinking, offer up a shot to the Radz doll. I will take a picture of the doll with its offering (again, assuming there is ever an occasion to do so) and send it to you.

There you have it. Let it be judged worthy.

Yours in woeful fandom,
Radzinski is best employed for celebratory purposes.

Radz rocking the celebratory oversized women's parka.

As a member of a recreational/recreational-drinking curling team (don't laugh -- it's the only 'sport' where drinking before, during, and after is encouraged. I tried that once with soccer and didn't feel so good) that just won its first game, I can identify with these sentiments. A miniscule mascot would have made our first victory that much sweeter. And I await the photos with bated breath. Hope he can explain things to his teammates.

Also on this fine day, Duane at the 24th minute is going apeshit about the MLS Draft. I expect his final tally of posts on the day to be in the mid-teens.

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