Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Contest: Olympic Stadium Jellybean Guessing Game

This blog's first ever contest (with a prize) has but a few hours left, but another is just beginning.

The CONCACAF Champions League quarterfinal match between Montreal Impact and Santos Laguna, to be held at Olympic Stadium, promises to be the biggest happening in Canadian soccer in the next 6 months, barring substantive news on the Dale Mitchell front (if you really love the U20 qualifying tournament, then cut it down to 2 months).

The game is simple: Guess how many people are going to attend the match. Email your answer here, before February 11th.

Standard Price is Right rules are in effect, though it's a secret guess, so the oneupmanship of that show will be difficult to achieve. There will be a prize, however small.

The early word is that 10,000 tickets have been sold after a couple of days, which is brisker than I anticipated. And in order to reduce the chances of having to give out a prize, I'm entering as well. My guess is 37,450 spectators.

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J said...

Just a hint for those who have entered yet:

Pendant ce temps à Montréal, l'Impact a déjà vendu plus de 15 000 billets pour son duel du 25 février contre le Santos Laguna en match aller de la ronde quart de finale de la Ligue des Champions.