Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Contest: What would you do with a 2" Radzinski?

* * * CONTEST DEADLINE: 11:59pm, Wednesday January 14th * * *

As part of my extensive research for my previous post, I came across a photo of a miniature figurine of Radzinski in a Canada uniform. The picture itself is funny; the comedic or dramatic possiblities of a 2" figurine of the 2009 Voyageurs International Player of the Year are endless.

Actual size. (Of the figurine, not of Radz).

It's part of a series called Corinthian Microstars, a puzzling name since the players aren't on the roster of Brazilian giants Corinthians, nor do they hail from the ancient city of Corinth. Says the website, about the dolls (figurines, I suppose, is the preferred nomenclature):
Corinthian Microstars are small (2" high) collectable football figurines produced by Corinthian Marketing plc. These soccer figures are highly collectable as well as being part of a game.

The first Corinthian Microstars were released in February 2001. Working with Magna Confectionary, the Microstars figures were only available inside the hollow chocolate Powerpodz and soon became a firm favourite with young and old.

Recently, the Powerpodz have been replaced with small foil wrapped chocolate Footballz.

So whether your preference was for Powerpodz or Footballz chocolatez, you could yourself have ended up with Radz (see what I did there??)

There must be quite the culture surrounding these little guys. The site I came across seems to remarket the figurines exclusively (no chocolate) for those who don't want to be disappointed by the likes of Titus Bramble or Joos Valgaeren. These re-sellers have gone through the trouble of munching the chocolate for you and listing a variety of prices based on rarity and likely player popularity (Radzinski goes pretty cheaply, at least Canada Radzinski. There's also Everton Radz and Fulham Radz, which is out of stock).

My game here is simple. Tell me what you'd do with a 2" Radzinski. (Don't be gross.) If I like your idea, I'll buy you one. Of course, I'd expect a photograph of the resulting display.
: A picture of a 2" Radz pointing to a flaming bag of dogshit on the steps of CSA headquarters in Ottawa. Just sayin'.

If I don't get an idea I like, or there are no entries at all, I'll just buy one and have it shipped to Radzinski's club, SK Lierse. Email your ideas here, but leave a comment telling me to check the email.

And for those of you who are proficient in the dark art of voodoo, there are 8 different Owen Hargreaves dolls in the series. The mind boggles.


P said...

Check your e-mail regarding the Radzinski doll.

J said...

I like it. I'm also down with single-character blogger handles.