Friday, January 09, 2009


That alphabet soup you see in the title is intended to abbreviate "Canadian Soccer Association adidas Canadian Players of the Year award". The association has been announcing award winners all week: U17s (Russel Teibert & Monica Lam-Feist), U20s (Nana Attakora-Gyan, although apparently the Gyan is being excised, & Jonelle Filigno), and senior women (Christine Sinclair).

If the Brothers De G were the Brothers Karamazov, he'd be Alyosha.

Today's announcement of Julian de Guzman as the senior men's winner is no surprise. He is the best Canadian player. He has arguably the highest profile. He has the best afro. He plays in the best league. I could quibble about his performances for the MNT in '08, but I've done it before.

But I'm not going to pass entirely on the opportunity to crap on a few heads. Here is how the voting pool for this award is described:
De Guzman was honoured in a vote shared by Canadian media (50%) and Canadian coaches who have taken the Canadian Soccer Association’s national course at the B and A levels (50%).
And the tabulation of results:
1. Julian de Guzman (30.5)
2. Dwayne De Rosario (15.6)
3. Ali Gerba (11.3)
4. Atiba Hutchinson (8.9)
5. Tomasz Radzinski (8.6)
6. Mike Klukowski (6.4)
7. Adrian Serioux (6.1)
8. Rob Friend (5.2)
9. Paul Stalteri (3.9)
10. Iain Hume (0.3)
11. David Edgar (0.3)
12. Lars Hirschfeld (0.2)
I've already explained why I think De Ro shouldn't be anywhere near the top of the list. Iain Hume's selection is a surprise. The choice of David Edgar (though likely only by two voters) is downright mind-boggling. If the only criteria for the award is having played a minute or two in the EPL, then he might be deserving; there is no other rational explanation.

Maybe a few of Edgar's coaches from his youth soccer days are playing favourites. And maybe some of the media can only name one soccer player (Dwayne).

Anyway, this is probably the second last post where I'll be bothering you with player of the year business (CSA Fan Choice Awards have yet to be named). That time of the year is winding down, though it will leave a void of things to talk about.

Interesting news, but not sufficiently interesting or contentious for me to discuss it in detail: Impact gets go-ahead to play CONCACAF match at Olympic Stadium

By the by, I'm imposing a deadline for submissions in the two-inch Radzinski contest. It is 11:59pm, Wednesday January 14th (really any time before I wake up the next day). I have at least one good entry already.

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